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How To Get Adsense Approval On Your New Blogger Blog or WordPress Site In The First Month

The first thing to look out for before getting started with Adsense on your new or existing blogger blog or WordPress.

There are obviously hundreds of reasons your new blog or existing blog will get rejected by AdSense, but certainly, 99% percent of those rejected blogs are doing something out of the pitch, and then we have got just that one percent that would make your own case different while seeking to apply for AdSense on your new or old Blogspot website or WordPress website.
Adsense Approval on new sites
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It is every blogger’s desire to get his or her website monetized in no time, starting from the very first month of the website launch, but wahala be like a bicycle, e no dey hard to start.

    Even while wanting your site approved by Adsense Google, you also need your Google Adsense for Adsense Youtube Account which also helps to get your Youtube channel monetized with recommended Google Adsense.
    Before even thinking of applying for Adsense, be sure to already have an AdSense google account, to get started in google AdSense how to make money.
    In our next post, we shall look forward to giving you in detail how to apply for Google AdSense on youtube, google AdSense youtube, Google Adsense for youtube, and how it works. Making it interesting, we shall guide you on how to use Google Adsense for apps.
    Just after getting high hopes of getting your site approved by AdSense Google, you get locked out with a disheartening mail saying your website isn’t ready to show Ads. Or after getting to use the AdSense login option to confirm if finally your site is live with ads or not, you get disappointed seeing your site not approved by Adsense Google. Even a relationship breakup doesn’t heartache more than a rejected website from viewing ads by Adsense.
    Most times you get to check your mail every one hour to confirm if there is a new mail or not, but none, you just have to use the Adsense login option to confirm if your site or blog has been approved or not, but yet still undergoing review or rejected…

    One funny thing is that you obviously don’t know what is going wrong. No exact detailed information of why it was rejected so it can aid you to resolve the issue immediately, you just get heartburn and a restless mindset all day, trying so hard looking for possible means and solutions to help get AdSense approved on your website.
    I must confess I sincerely know how this feels, reason been that I was once in this case and I must say, I suffered so much in getting AdSense approved during my time, and just after I got what they wanted right, I had to test run the tips on a new website I created early Jan 2020, and to my greatest surprise, I got Adsense to approve that new site that same month of creating the website.
    Sounds unbelievable, but trust me it worked like charm, though it was an entertainment niche and I had over a 50+ original article in the first month. However, that isn’t the case, so let’s get all hands on deck as it is time to unveil the secret of Adsense approval on new blogs and definitely we are sure these tips will result out to be positive.
    Congratulations in advance as we await an appreciation comment or DM’s just after your new or old blog will be approved by Adsense soonest.

    How To Get Adsense Approval On Your New Blogger Blog or WordPress Site In The First Month

    If you have gone through the writeups above, then be sure this isn’t a usual content creation for clicks or view, but the reality to get your new or old blog approved by AdSense in the first month. No time to waste, start getting your website monetized by Adsense today using our top free guide 2020/2021.
    This guide will also help you fix disapproved AdSense account, how to reapply for AdSense, and lastly possible AdSense rejection reasons on your blog.
    You can perfectly get 99% out of 100% of Google AdSense policies and still get your blog rejected if that 1% percent is what I am about to let you know now. So do ensure you get note of this top-secret first, even before publishing your first post on that blog and then applying for Adsense.

    Top 4 Secret pages to Adsense approval on your new/existing blog

    How To Get Adsense Approval On Your New Blogger Blog or WordPress Site In The First Month
    P:C- Droidvilla Tech Solution
    Firstly we have got 4 top-secret pages to Adsense approval on your new or existing Blogspot or WordPress blog which includes the following. SCADP
    1. About Us Page
    2. Contact Us Page
    3. Privacy and Policy Page
    4. Disclaimer Page
    5. Search Page (Optional)
    The above is the major reason your blog is been rejected from displaying ads by Adsense.
    Getting all these pages on your blog automatically gives you a good number of percentage for Adsense approval
    Adsense Google blogger blog
    P:C- Droidvilla Technology Solution

    About Us Page (Adsense Approval Page):

    Write a little or more about your website! This lets your visitors or viewers know generally what your website is all about and what they would be expecting from your blog as they visit it daily. Ensure your about us page portraits what actually the blog is about to avoid misleading your viewers and followers.

    Contact Us Page (Adsense Approval Page):

    A very vital page that must be present on every blog. If you don’t have the contact us page intact on your blog, then it is obvious your website isn’t professional or it is fishy. 
    Certainly, your visitors or viewers will one way or the other want to contact the author or admin of the website, so having not published the contact us page, Google AdSense will never approve such a site to start showing ads. So be sure to get this fixed if not already done.

    Privacy and Policy Page (Adsense Approval Page):

    What are your blog policies? What information is collected from your visitors and viewers as they enter or visit your blog? Is your visitor’s information safe or secured as they input passwords or log in to the site if and only if the option of creating or logging an account is required on the blog?
    It is required for your blog to guarantee your viewer’s and visitors’ safety. Get this fixed now!

    Disclaimer Page (Adsense Approval Page):

    The disclaimer page is very important and required before your site or blog can be accepted by Google AdSense. A disclaimer somewhat like T & C, so it is advisable to have a disclaimer page for your blog if some information that would be shared will somewhat cause harm in one way or the other to the visitors or viewers of your blog.
    Disclaimer:  A disclaimer is a statement in which a person says that they did not know about something or that they are not responsible for something. Collinsdictionary

    Search Page (Adsense Approval Page):

    The search page is optional, but I think it would somehow help in giving your blog a professional look. However, this requires playing with your blog admin area (HTML, CSS). etc

    What Next after getting my contact us page, about us page, disclaimer, privacy, and policy pages?

    After you must have gotten all SCADP pages ready on your blog, all you have to do is simply get at least 20 original and quality articles on your blog. It’s advisable to get this done in the first two weeks of your blog if new. If it’s an old blog, after getting the pages fixed you can reapply for AdSense again immediately and wait on a positive response thereafter.

    Blog rejected AdSense? Don’t worry, we shall work you through all possible means to see your Blog AdSense request approved by Adsense Google.
    If need be and you wish to contact me for further assistance or guidance, kindly reach out to me via the Droidvilla Assist Whatsapp Helpdesk line. T&C applies…
    For support and appreciation, you can as well get to reach us via any of the below social platforms.

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    How To Get Adsense Approval On Your New Blogger Blog or WordPress Site In The First Month
    Droidvilla Admin
    I am Nnoka Godswill also known as Favtechblogger, Droidvilla CEO! A final year student of the University of Port Harcourt, studying Electronics and Computer Engineering. Found passion in technology and decided to keep the world in touch with latest happenings around the world of technology. Email author at


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