How to get upto 100% off shipping fee on Jumia express

I’m Nnoka Godswill,Jumia Sales Consultant (J-Force).

Get a shipping fee discount upto 8% – 100% off on any Jumia-Express item i order for you.

How to get upto 100% off shipping fee on Jumia express

How it works!
🛒Find what you want and notify me.
🛒Send your full address of which you want the package 📦 delivered to and your phone number 🔢.
Once it’s placed a confirmation text would be sent to you and your package 📦 will be delivered to you within 2-4 business working days.

Why let a consultant place an order for you? 
The reason is,as a consultant we ensure provision of maximum service to you as a client.

⚫ No need to worry about data.
⚫No need for regular tracking of package 📦.
⚫We ensure package 📦 is delivered on time and package is delivered at a good and working condition.
⚫As a consultant we give advise on goods to order (Brands, Rating and Reviews).
⚫If by any means there is a faulty package 📦 along the line, as a consultant we make sure a refund is done immediately and this process wouldn’t take upto 2-4 business days.
⚫We also alert ⚠ our clients on flash sales, mega sales and best discounted deals of the day.
⚫Lots more to mention!

Sounds cool right?
What are you waiting for?
Start shopping 🛒 and get upto 100% off Shipping fee.

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Nnoka Godswill
(Jumia Sales Consultant (J-Force))