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#4 Top Assault Rifles Of COD Mobile Season 9 In November 2020

#4 Top Assault Weapons Of COD Mobile In November 2020

Best cod mobile AR
#4 Best Assault Rifles of COD Mobile

This would find you at peace along side with confidence when going for a Battle Royale (BR) or Multi-player Ranked match in the latest COD mobile season 9 update. 

    Just after the integration of Arsenal Gunsmith, the choices to choose and select between weapons in COD Mobile has become one big subject, which must be considered before getting your squad a winner in any COD Mobile BR or MP match.

    The newbies in playing Call of Duty Mobile, just when you see ARs, be sure to know that it is same as Assault Rifles. Ars is said to be the most used weapons in COD Mobile as of 2020 and with no doubt, you need nothing but the best weapon to get dirty and ruthless while playing with a rival squad.

    Note: This article portraits the writer’s opinions, and choosing the perfect and right weapon certainly relies on the player’s personal preference of choice.

    From our personal review on the best Top 4 Assault weapon as of November 2020, we can say ASM10 is considered the #1 best AR in COD Mobile at the moment.

    Without wasting much of the time, let’s get down in listing out the top #4 best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile as of November 2020.

    #4 top best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile as of November 2020 includes

    Best assault rifles cod mobile
    4 best AR for cod mobile November 2020
    • #1 ASM10
    • #2 DR-H
    • #3 ICR-1
    • #4 AK-47

    ASM10 Call Of Duty Mobile 2020

    Best Assault Rifles of COD Mobile
    #1 Best Assault Rifles of COD Mobile

    We have got the ASM10 as the #1 top best AR in COD Mobile at the moment. The gun was highly rated and considered just after the Season 9 update that took place a few months ago. For the fact it has got a well balanced stats and could be customized to get better stats, players can actually use it to engage in all kinds of combat with confidence.

    Default stats of the ASM10 in COD Mobile 2020 (Season 9)

    • Damage: 49
    • Accuracy: 72
    • Range: 52
    • Fire Rate: 55
    • Mobility: 57
    • Control: 52

    DR-H Call Of Duty Mobile 2020 

    Cod mobile best weapon
    DR-H #2 Best AR in cod mobile

    Considering DR-H to be one of the finest guns in COD Mobile. It is with no doubt perfect for mid-range battles and can swiftly gun down opponents in 3-4 shots. With the proper customization attachments, players can convert this gun into a killer beast weapon with ease. When it comes to fatal kill and ruthlessness, then getting DR-H, is one perfect kill touch for you. 

    Default stats of the DR-H in COD Mobile:

    • Damage: 47
    • Accuracy: 63
    • Range: 54
    • Fire Rate: 57
    • Mobility: 63
    • Control: 57

    ICR-1 Call Of Duty Mobile 2020

    ICR-1 #3 Call Of Duty Mobile 2020
    ICR-1 #3 Call Of Duty Mobile 2020

    One amongst the newest added AR that is been ignored is the ICR-1 and without getting it noticed, the ICR-1 is recorded to be the 2nd best weapon on this list. Due to its high default accuracy of (69) and control stats (61), this gun is relatively easy to handle in the game and for quick ads and movement, ICR-1 is a go get weapon for stability and endurance.

    Default stats of the ICR-1 in COD Mobile:

    • Damage: 40
    • Accuracy: 69
    • Range: 52
    • Fire Rate: 60
    • Mobility: 72
    • Control: 61

    AK-47 Call Of Duty Mobile 2020

    Cod mobile best Assault Rifles
    AK-47 #4 best Assault rifles in COD Mobile

    Lastly We have got the Ak47 to be the last on the least, but yet some users might prefer the Man-O-War and AK-47 over the ICR-1 due to their high damage stats. Not considering that, we have got the Ak-47 to be a cool ar weapon for accuracy upto 93% when properly customized with the right attachment, but with downside of mobility and control. With the Ak-47, you can as well become a killer just if you don’t mind about mobility and control.

    Default stats of the AK-47 in COD Mobile:

    • Damage: 48
    • Accuracy: 67
    • Range: 58
    • Fire Rate: 55
    • Mobility: 68
    • Control: 44

    With this update on the best COD Mobile assault rifles of season 9, you can become a die hard squad member in getting to be fatal, brutal and ruthless at the same time.

    You can add me up on COD Mobile with IGN 玄°Legitdroid.

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    #4 Top Assault Rifles Of COD Mobile Season 9 In November 2020
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