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6 New Features Update Coming Soon To Whatsapp [Vacation mode, Customisable Wallpapers, Doodle Improvements and More]

6 New whatsapp features vacation mode
6 whatsapp New features rolling out soon

As whatsapp increases its base, there comes more added features and updates! Whatsapp next update is expected to come with 6 features which includes with Vacation mode, group call updates, dark mode improvements for whatsapp web and few others we shall be dropping down below.

The added whatsapp feature to be anticipated is expected to enable users to join a group missed call if and only if the group call is still on section or active. Furthermore, WhatApp is also making plans to release more updates to its group calling feature.

    Whatsapp messenger is working tirelessly to ensure new updates and features is been rolled out to serve user experience at its best. We have got few things that actually happened this week on whatsapp, here is all we know.

    Following past week review and reports, the whatsapp vacation mode, group call updates, new website to notify users about the security bugs in its platform is expected to be available in the messaging app in future time.
    Here is all that we know happened in the past weeks…….

    6 Whatsapp Features Coming Soon:

    As reported, here are 6 features to be updated and added to whatsapp on its major update release.

    1. Vacation mode
    2. Customisable wallpapers
    3. Dark theme improvements to WhatsApp Web
    4. Group call updates
    5. Security advisory website
    6. Doodle improvements

    Vacation Mode

    This planned added whatsapp feature Vacation mode is aimed at keeping all Archived chats hidden even as the user gets a new message in the archived chat. 
    All archived Chats is expected to appear in a separate section in the Chats window and only when users tap on it they will be able to access the hidden chats. WABetaInfo reported
    In addition to the Vacation Mode feature, users will be given the option to select if they would prefer to get notified of new archived messages to be displayed in the notification section on not.

    Customisable wallpapers

    More work on the whatsapp wallpaper settings, as whatsapp plans on a feature that lets users to set different wallpapers in different chats. As observed and noticed currently, users can only set just one image as a wallpaper which will be visible on all chats. With the new update, users can set individual chats with different image as wallpaper.

    Dark theme improvements to WhatsApp Web

    You should be expecting improvements on whatsapp web dark theme, as WhatsApp makes plan in improving the dark theme mode available in WhatsApp Web. With this improvement, WhatsApp Web users can now freely customise the whatsapp web theme based on their PC’s theme colors.

    Group call updates

    The update feature that might interest lots of users is the whatsapp group call update which lets users get back to a missed group call just if the group video call is still ongoing and active. The company also plans on adding ringtone for group calls.

    Security advisory website

    Here is a new security WhatsApp feature that will inform users about bugs and vulnerabilities in the messaging platform that the company cannot always release in the app release notes due to app store restrictions. The company also made note that it is working with leading security firms.

    Doodle improvements

    Here is a more fun part of the 6 whatsapp features update. There is also a plan by whatsapp to make updates to its doodle feature. In no time, whatsapp users will be able to add doodles in chat solid colours. As reported, this feature is still in the developmental phase and it will be available in the messaging platform in future.

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    6 New Features Update Coming Soon To Whatsapp [Vacation mode, Customisable Wallpapers, Doodle Improvements and More]
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