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AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020

AdGuard vpn free 2020
AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
Here is the best recommended free VPN in 2020 you didn’t know about and from the reviews and observations, we can say AdGuard VPN is safe and secure to use if you wish to get dirty in hiding your current browsing location or sniff into secured or restricted location websites, then AdGuard vpn is for you.

    AdGuard VPN is just like every other VPN softwares and applications out there like Express, Nord, HMA and the likes…. The AdGuard vpn is totally free for download on the Google PlayStore and of which comes with a free private internet access of 3GB and then after been exhausted would be deactivated till you purchase a plan either monthly or yearly .
    Using AdGuard VPN, you are secure and certain your real IP address is anonymous and out of track mode. You will get to know more about AdGuard VPN as we go through Google PlayStore Description and services rendered by AdGuard VPN.

    About AdGuard VPN:

    AdGuard vpn best free vpn 2020
    AdGuard vpn best free vpn 2020
    AdGuard VPN is available for download on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Browser Extension. VPN is a signature product for AdGuard. Being a company that puts user security in the foreground, we couldn’t shy away from developing our own VPN service. We’ve been working around the clock to put in a strong performance of AdGuard VPN. And it came into being – our own, real, flesh-and-blood VPN.

    More information about best free vpn AdGuard from Google PlayStore:
    Turbo fast & private VPN by the creators of the best ad blocker. Try for free!
    With AdGuard VPN, you will have limitless opportunities, and your personal data will be securely protected.
    AdGuard VPN hides your real IP address and location so that you can access blocked content from anywhere in the world, at any time. Visit your favorite websites and forget about all restrictions!

    Why choose AdGuard VPN?

    AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
    AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
    For those who might be asking why they should have to use AdGuard droidvilla tech has marked as the best VPN in 2020. We shall also be dropping a link a of which you could confirm the current ip address of your browsing section immediately you are connected to any available AdGuard Servers.
    • 11 years on the market
    That’s how long the developer company has been
    present on the market of personal data protection and ad blocking with the AdGuard software product line.
    • Over 25 million users
    Millions of people around the world trust AdGuard to protect their data. The number of our users is increasing every year, and their loyalty motivates us to constantly improve our products.

    • Own VPN protocol
    We are proud to have developed our own AdGuard VPN Protocol. The main difference between AdGuard VPN and its competitors is our own protocol that disguises itself as the usual traffic, so it will be far more difficult for someone to catch and ban it.
    • Exclusions list
    Add websites to the exclusions list. This is pretty convenient to choose yourself where VPN will be working, and where it won’t.
    • Ultra-fast servers
    Get access to VPN servers with unlimited bandwidth located worldwide. The response speed of each server is displayed right next to it – so you can easily choose the best possible one!
    • Security and confidentiality
    Using our VPN, you can be sure that your personal data is safe. Purchase online and use public Wi-Fi networks with no fear – AdGuard VPN securely encrypts your network traffic.

    • No logs policy
    No logs or zero-logs policy means we don’t collect, store, or transfer personal data of users to third parties. Hence, neither your ISP, nor anybody else will know what you’re doing online.
    • 24/7 support
    We don’t just care about users, we do it 24 hours a day! If you have any questions or difficulties using AdGuard, please contact our support team and we will help you.

    AdGuard VPN Servers:

    AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
    AdGuard vpn best free vpn 2020
    The AdGuard VPN servers is live in 21 countries, which includes as follows below.
    1. • Australia
    2. • Brazil
    3. • Canada
    4. • France
    5. • Germany
    6. • Hong Kong
    7. • India
    8. • Israel
    9. • Italy
    10. • Japan
    11. • Luxembourg
    12. • Netherlands
    13. • Poland
    14. • Singapore
    15. • South Africa
    16. • South Korea
    17. • Spain
    18. • Turkey
    19. • Ukraine
    20. • United Kingdom
    21. • United States
    And that’s just to start!

    Download AdGuard VPN For iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Browser Extensions

    Here you can download the AdGuard VPN for any of the above mentions platforms.

    Download AdGuard For Android – – 

     Download AdGuard For iOS – – 
     Download AdGuard For Windows – –
    Download AdGuard For MAC – – 
    Download AdGuard For Browser Extension – – 

    AdGuard VPN Monthly/Weekly Subscription

    AdGuard VPN is very cheap and affordable if you take your online surfing personal, you will definitely want Subscription plan just after your free 3gb internet VPN service is reached.
    AdGuard vpn has two plans which goes for N2,200 per month and is billed every month end of the subscription plan, while the N13,500 is for a year and billed once a year. You save upto 48% subscription fee if you go for the yearly subscription.

    Why AdGuard The Best Free Secured VPN In 2020?

    We didn’t just sit and randomly choose AdGuard to be the safest and best free vpn service in 2020, we did some pretty test on location IP’s founder and also ran a quick test on facebook app to confirm locations of active devices and we have got something to show you why we choose AdGuard to be the best free vpn service in 2020 and in future if things keeps going smoothly as spotted already.

    AdGuard VPN Location and IP Tests

    The test was easily done, we did a before and after test of AdGuard Location service when activated.
    AdGuard vpn best free vpn 2020
    AdGuard VPN Ip location test
    Here is a photo of when Adguard Was disabled, from the above image you can tell that the current location, IP, and Network Provider was actually original in the first image, while the second image shows the result of AdGuard VPN when activated and location was set to USA (New Jersy).

    AdGuard VPN 2020 Facebook Test

    We further carried a location test on facebook app to confirm how effective the AdGuard VPN is and we got a screenshot of the test for you.
    AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
    AdGuard VPN Ip location test

    The above image shows the real ip location and the second shows the current Facebook app login location. So after activating AdGuard VPN server, we observed immediate change of location. Check image below 

    AdGuard vpn best free vpn 2020
    AdGuard vpn free 2020
    Let’s say this is the best and secured free vpn for you in 2020. Do enjoy surfing the internet anonymously.

    How To Check Ip Location 2020

    Visit iplocation to know your ip location before and after activating the AdGuard vpn 2020.
    Adguard vpn, express vs adguard, hma vs adguard

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    AdGuard VPN Best Virtual Private Network In 2020
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