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Airtel TV Blockbusters (Rental) ,Watch newest movies even before they are available on streaming platforms like Netflix

Airtel TV app Blockbusters
Airtel TV App Blockbusters (Rental) 

How about you get to watch newest and latest movies even before they are available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Iroko, Amazon Prime and the likes? Oh, yes it is now very much possible with Airtel Tv, as Airtel Nigeria Introduces Airtel TV Blockbusters (Rental).

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    Airtel Nigeria is actually wanting to get the game more interesting, just after Airtel Ng ditched out free 3gb worth of data for free to all Airtel Customers who download and install the Airtel TV directly from playstore, now we have got a more enticing deal that would heavenly get everyone’s attention to remain forever glued to the Airtel TV app as the introduction of Airtel TV Blockbusters (Rental) surfaces on the app.

    You can read more about the Airtel TV app and also how to get Airtel free 3gb worth of data to watch and stream movies on the Airtel TV app.

    What Is Airtel TV Blockbusters (Rental)

    Airtel TV Blockbusters rental lets you watch latest and newest tv shows and movies even before its availability on top Streaming platforms likes Netflix and the likes.
    From available informations gathered, with just N300, you can easily rent the newest movies and shows before they hit DVD or streaming video platforms like (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Iroko, etc) on the Airtel TV App released early 2020. Too Cool to be Real right?

    Features Of The Airtel TV App Blockbusters (Rental)

    We shall not go in details about the Airtel TV app and how to get the free Airtel TV free 3GB data as you can easily get to read more about them here on our previous post.

    • You do not need to wait 6 months to see the big cinema movies anymore
    • Add shows and movies to your watchlist to view them later
    • Find the latest and biggest movies just leaving the cinema halls in a few clicks – from family movies to award-winning thrillers.
    • Any movie you rent on Airtel TV can be watched multiple times over 3 days (72 hours) as long as you are connected to the Airtel Nigeria network.
    • Watch instantly on your Android phone, tablet or iPhone

    Where can I download Airtel TV App? 

    The Airtel TV app is available for download via the Google PlayStore Store on Android Devices and also via the App Store for iOS devices.

    Download Airtel TV App For Android and iOS

    Download Airtel TV App for both Android and iOS below

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    Airtel TV Blockbusters (Rental) ,Watch newest movies even before they are available on streaming platforms like Netflix
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