An 8 inch foldable iPhone expected in 2023.


Foldable iPhone expected in 2023.
Foldable iPhone. 

An 8 inch foldable iPhone expected in 2023

Rumors circulating for a while now, says that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. This seems to be an interesting one as it sounds like Apple wants to join the bandwagon that has been created by Samsung, though foldable phones aren’t quite in use yet, it looks like we might have a date for such device.

A report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claims that Apple’s foldable iPhone would be realesed in 2023 and this model in question would have an 8-inch display when it would be unfolded plus a QHD+ flexible OLED screen, and Samsung will reportedly be the display supplier.

Kuo also stated that Apple will be using a silver nanowire touch solution for the display. Kuo believes that this will give Apple a long-term competitive advantage.

Although, currently the technology is already being used in the HomePod, it looks like Apple is getting some practice at using it.

Right now, Apple’s lineup between their phones and tablets is so obvious, therefore releasing a foldable iPhone will blur those lines. 

Whether this is a good thing or not, it’s yet to be seen as it could bring in some confusion. The upside is that with a tablet-like interface, probably we may finally see Apple introduce support for the Apple Pencil to the iPhone.

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