How to Activate Airtel Data night sub and accumulate

Airtel night sub code
How to Activate Airtel Data night sub and accumulate

Airtel NG bringing out cheap and affordable data rate is definitely no big deal as it is one of the best Network provider in Nigeria that provides cheap and affordable data subscription to their esteemed customers which most customers are proud enough to proclaim Airtel to be the best when it comes to data.
The introduction of Airtel night plan and accumulation has made it possible for people to keep late night in purpose of downloading huge files and videos at night.

For those stepping on this for the first time, droidvilla tech will guide you through on step by step guide to subscribe to Airtel midnight plan and also how to accumulate Airtel night data plan. We shall also be dropping the activation code and validity period of the night plan!

We have got Other network providers in Nigeria the likes of Mtn, and Glo which also offer midnight plan sub, but we choose to major into Airtel midnight subscription Activation today as it promises to be attractive and eye catching.

Without further ado lets get to the step:

About Airtel Midnight Subscription plan

  • Very Cheap and affordable
  • No VPN needed -(powers all applications) 
  • Works perfectly on any network coverage either 3G or 4G
  • Works real good on either Android or IOS or Modem
  • Data can be Accumulated
  • Works on PC.
  • Can be tethered over Hotspot

Airtel Midnight Subscription Requirements

  • Airtel Sim 4G or 3G
  • Must Be An Airtel Subscribers
  • Recharge worth of N50 or N25
  • Must be on  either Smart trybe or SmartConnect tarrif plan.

How To subscribe Airtel Midnight Sub

  • After recharge top up of N25 or More
  • Simply Dial USSD code ( Airtel Midnight Sub code) *312#
  • Select option 3 (Airtel midnight sub code)
  • Choose (Night plan for N25)

Congratulations, you have successfully subscribed to Night plan!!
Now you can Start browsing and surfing through out the night till the data is exhausted.

Validity Period For Airtel Midnight Sub

Once successfully subscribed to the night plan, you can start using the data from 12am to 5am in the morning, and after which yhe data subscription will be expired. So do ensure to have finished the data before it gets to 5am in other for the data not expire.

Now Here Is How To Accumulate Airtel Midnight Subscription

All you have to do is simply repeat the subscription process of 250MB for N25 to a maximum of 5.
In other words to accumulate the data you need N250 which each n50, gives you 250mb,doing it 5 times gives you 1250mb (1.25gb) for n250.
You can either recharge line if the airtime isn’t available via bank short codes or paper card if you have.

Note that, this Airtel night sub can be accumulated at a max of 5!

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14 thoughts on “How to Activate Airtel Data night sub and accumulate”

  1. Legitdroid I have been doing this, but of recent they stopped it to just 5times per sim card. So i guess using three different sims could work just fine. Thank you

    From your whatsapp group

  2. What's the point? Get a new MTN, N500-N4GB for 2days. And you can even sub as much as you want plus MTN speed is faster than airtel *131# it's in the daily plan category

    • MTN 4g is no way faster than Airtel 4g.

      Run a test in a Good coverage area and testify when that is done. Glo 4g in a very good network area is way faster than MTN 4g.

      Confirm and let us know.

    • Well, depends on your location. I get upto 7mbps on my MTN at midnight 4G. But who cares, I use all the networks and their available awufs


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