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How to activate Eye Care in Android and iOS 2021


Android and ios eyecare
Eye care

Activating eye care  and keeping your eyes off brighter screen are few of the big ways to keep your eyes healthy and for sure keeping you out of the use of glasses as you get older. The introduction of eye care to Android devices and iOS devices is a big integration as it makes it possible for users to stay up for long staring at the Android device or iOS without having to strain the eyes.

    There are things you can do to help keep your eyes healthy and make sure you are seeing at your best and that is obviously and certainly the use of Android/iOS eyecare. 3131041038

    About Android / iOS Eyecare

    Eyecare for both Android and iOS lets you stay long on the screen of your device without having your eyes strained, as it deems and adds a warm filter automatically to your screen view.

    Two Ways To Enable Android Eyecare

    Android introduced an amazing feature known as Eye Care.
    This helps to keep your eyes less stressed and tired while looking at the screen and just if you wish to enable eyecare on your Android or iOS device, here is how to  enable eyecare.

    Two Ways To Enable Eyecare On Android

    There are two ways to enable eyecare on android and that can simply be activated either through your drawer notification or through settings.
    • Simply draw your notification drawer and tap on Eye Clear to enable eyecare on your android.
    You can also enable eyecare by simply going through your device settings as shown below.
    • settings
    • Display
    • Eye care
    Its helpful and trust me, you need to activate it because it doesn’t just help your eyes, it makes your display more colourful and cool.

    How To Enable Eye Care On iOS

    To Enable Night Mode On iOS simply navigate to your

    • Settings
    • Display & Brightness option
    • Night Shift, Now all you have to do is simply turn it on if it isn’t already turned on. Now you can decide to switch between a warmer or cooler color temperature of yout choice.


    Note That: The warmer side is meant to be used at night as it reduces the “blueness” of the screen automatically.

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    How to activate Eye Care in Android and iOS 2021
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