How to speed up your Android 2019

How to speed up your Android 2019
Speed up your Android 
We can’t stop posting because we have thousands to pen down and funny enough we are yet to start 😂!
Today post is going to be fun and I am pretty sure all Android mobile users should be much interested in this one. Even if you are using a 6gig RAM device , you still have to read to know how to super boost your Android device speed and efficiency to maximum.
This is what we call Android tricks!
This is a hidden feature embedded in you Android device that can’t be accessed unless granted permission by system developers! How can you access this hidden feature is one and how to go about the hidden feature is another!
We shall be guiding you on how to access the feature, and before then we shall also guide you on how to grant developer permission to access the feature.

Good thing is that, we have got you covered at all times!

Having a slow android device or your minimizing from one app to another takes minutes to be successful. is here again to give you tips on how to boost your Android device to maximum without root access. 
This trick was originally checked and confirmed by me. Was later made available to members of our group to confirm process before publishing it out. 
It was later confirmed working and amazing how fast their Android became after following process.
Without further ado lets go straight to tutorials😉!! 
Easy steps on how to speed up your Android device
⭕ 100% safe and working.
⭕ Tested and confirmed!!

For those who are already a developer, kindly JUMP to step 5.
NEWBIES in developer mode follow all steps below👇👇👇
Follow steps to get it done!
⭕ Go to settings⏩⏩
⭕Click on About phone⏩⏩
⭕Keep tapping on Build Number ( you should get a notification telling you that you are now a developer)..⏩⏩
⭕Go back and you should be able to see Developer Option before About Phone.⏩⏩
⭕Click on Developer Option and scroll down to where you see
⭕window animation scale.. Transition animation scale.. Animator duration scale.
⭕Simply turn them off

Image guide below

How to speed up your Android 2019
Congrats all set and ready! 

What happens next?
After successfully following all steps, here are changes to observe on your Android mobile device!
⭕Super fast minimizing switching
⭕Fast back button speed
⭕Super fast opening of applications
⭕ Switching from app to home now becomes faster
⭕ 100% faster screenshot speed and camera shot
⭕ Fast Device lock and unlocking via fingerprint and facelock.

Let us know how it works for you too and feel free to drop more observation from your end to help us get the post up to date for viewers.

Note: This trick is 100% safe and has no after effect attached to it!
We ensure what we publish is safe, tested and valid as at when posted!
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