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Instagram Action “Blocked”: Here is How to Fix It?

Instagram Action Blocked
Instagram Action “Blocked”: Here is How to Fix It?
If you came across this post, then your Instagram account probably has been blocked and you cannot follow other users, like their posts, or leave comments on them. 
 Just if you have ever come across a message like ‘Action Blocked’ whenever you want to perform one of these actions on Instagram (like, post, tag or even comment), then you should have violated one of Instagram terms so we have done a lot of research and have come to a final solution on how to fix Instagram Action Blocked.

NOTE: However, it is a different case where you come across a message like ‘Instagram Suspension’ in which you cannot log into your account again.

The question is, why does Instagram prevent its users from performing certain actions at certain times? How can you prevent being banned from having access to like, post and comment on Instagram?

Here we will talk about this issue completely and answer two main questions: 

  1. Why does Instagram block an account?
  2. How can you unblock your Instagram account ?

Hence, if you have or you still face this problem, continue reading.

Why does Instagram block an account?

Your account on Instagram will like be blocked just When Instagram believes an account is spamming (i.e. creating useless information, bothering other users, or even creating fake accounts).
Performing one of this actions can lead to banning of said accounts which look like spammers.
By blocking an Instagram account, we mean the users will be unable to perform actions like ‘commenting’, ‘liking’, and ‘following other users’ for a certain period of days or weeks, depending on Instagram ban.
So to avoid being blocked for some certain actions, you should try as much as possible to void too many activities at a time to gain more new followers and sending too many messages which might bother other users.

NOTE that Instagram automatically spots violators. So, it sometimes bans your account for a minor and even unintentional mistake. It is worst when there is no way to find out the reason behind your account being banned. Instagram neither warns the user nor explains the reasons to its users.

 As you can see, even the slightest of a mistake might lead to you being blocked on Instagram without actually knowing the reason. But not to worry, in this article, we will talk about different reasons for being blocked and also the ways to unblock your account if found wanting.

What are the reasons behind blocking an account by Instagram?

These reasons, can help you prevent being blocked and be sure that no problem of this type might ever happen to your account. If your Instagram account has been blocked already, find the reason below, and continue reading to know how to unblock your Instagram account.

  • Do ensure to have enough posts in your Instagram account:

Now you created an account recently, but now you are unable to like a post or comment on it. The reason is that Instagram would consider you a fake user as you have no post in your account yet. 
The solution right now, is to make sure you publish some photos in your profile. 10 posts may be good for the start. DO NOT post all of them simultaneously, instead, post them one by one over a period of time.

  • Complete your Instagram account’s profile info:

Just make sure you complete the information on your profile and esure they are 100% correct to avoid your Instagram account from been blocked.

  • Don’t publish too many posts at a time:

Do make sure to have a schedule for posting, and it should be one at a period of time and avoid excessive posting in minutes or even seconds to avoid been banned on Instagram.

  • Don’t like too many posts in a given time:

Liking too many other Instagram posts may also lead to being blocked by Instagram without further warnings. This also applies on Facebook as it happens most often. According to Instagram rules, you are allowed to like max 350 photos and videos in one hour at the most. We highly suggest observing this rule to avoid being blocked by Instagram.

  • Following too many accounts leads to being blocked:

Do make sure not to follow more than 20 people in an hour from now on. Also, notice that you can follow the maximum of 7500 people; so, don’t be in a hurry to follow other users. Ensure to take good note of all this rules to avoid being blocked by Instagram.

  • Repetitive content on your IG account:

This is definitely one easy way to get banned on Instagram, if you do repeat posts, emoji, and comments, Instagram blocks you  as soon as their bots finds out, and would not let you post or comment; but for how long? No one knows. So be careful
According to users who have had similar experiences, if you have received the message “Action Blocked”, Instagram may block you for some hours to even a couple of weeks. Depends 

  • Do not ‘mention’ other users too many times:

Make sure not to mention other users in your posts and comments often. This rule becomes important when you mention people who are not in your list of ‘Followers’. Stop doing this as soon as possible if you want to keep your account safe and avoid Action Blocked.

  • Use Instagram bots properly:

You are aware that there are bots that follow other users, like their posts, and leave comments on this posts on behalf of your account. Though these bots are very effective in increasing the number of your followers, it is better to use them properly.
In order to make sure that Instagram does not block you for using bots, you need to pay attention to two points. First, when you run a bot, limit its activities (for example, 15 or 20 “likes” seem well for a given time). Secondly, choose a bot which performs a variety of tasks like a real person.

  • Pay attention to Instagram rules:

Last but not the least, read Instagram Guideline to be sure that your activities are not against their rules.

What can you do to make your Instagram account unblocked?

Once Instagram blocks your account, it takes 3 hours to even 4 weeks to unblock your account. Yes, it is a long period of time, so observe the following rules to avoid being banned.

But, how can you make the process of unblocking your account faster?

  • Send a request when you see Action Blocked message:

As we said before, if you have received the message saying “Action Blocked”, it means that your account has been blocked. When you see this, tap or click on the icon “Tell Us” to write about the mistake to Instagram.
After tapping or clicking “Tell Us”, this means Instagram wants you through your email to complete some security information and then, asks you to send your own photo to make sure that you are a real user. After sending the photo to Instagram, be sure your account will be activated after a few days.

  • Issue unblock request through Instagram settings:

Tap or click the “Option” or “Setting” button in your Instagram profile (the icon in the top right corner of the screen), then scroll down and press ‘Report a Problem’. Here, different problems can be reported to Instagram. From the options available, tap or click on ‘Something isn’t Working’.

Now fill the form with a request for unblocking, mention you are a real person and press ‘send’.

Other useful methods to unblock your Instagram account:

  1. Edit your Instagram Bio:
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your cell phone. 
  3. NOTE: that you need to back up your information before uninstalling Instagram.
  4. Finally you need to be patient. Instagram itself will unblock you after a while.
We listed all the situations which may lead to being blocked by Instagram and also provided some solutions to make your Instagram account unblocked. We hope that you find them helpful. Please let us know if this post has been useful for you or you have other questions regarding Instagram ban at the comment section below.
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Instagram Action "Blocked": Here is How to Fix It?
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