iPhone 13 price: Here’s The Price Prediction Made By Droidvilla.com.

Droidvilla prices prediction for iPhone 13.
iPhone 13 price predictions.

 iPhone 13 price: Here’s The Price Prediction Made By Droidvilla.com

Will the iPhone 13 cost more or less than its predecessors? 

We should know for sure in September.

It has only been a little over six months since Apple began sales of iPhone 12. There are reports that Apple is setting its sights on the upcoming iPhone 13, which is expected to be unveiled in September. There are also rumors about the different models, camera specs and the possible comparison to the iPhone 12. The thing everyone would really want to know is how much is the cost of the iPhone 13.

Although, the real price wouldn’t be known until Apple Officially releases a statement, Droidvilla.com has made a calculated guess of its price.

Though it isn’t expected that the iPhone 13 would be a major technical upgrade of the iPhone 12(Been the first to include the 5g upgrade). 

Because of this, Droidvilla’s analysts are predicting that the iPhone 13 would cost about the same as the iPhone 12, the base version of which may start at $799 (£799, AU$1,349,). Because the iPhone 12 led to the largest profit quarter in Apple’s history, there’s a possibility that the company would follow a similar pricing structure. 

Droidvilla.com also predicts that it is possible that Apple may reduce the price of the iPhone 13, as other models like Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE and Google’s Pixel 5 also lowered theirs in 2020.

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