Facebook Messenger To Launch Split Payments Feature Soon 2021

Some may agree with me that one of the most complicated things about going out with friends is the splitting of the bill at the end and reminding them to pay up.

Meta may have a solution soon for you; for moments like this and other times when you need to divide various payments like house bills with the help of the new split payments feature.

Split Payments Feature
Split Payments Feature

Meta is starting to roll out a new feature called “Split Payments”. This feature will allow you to divide expenses easily among your friends, as long as they are using the Messenger app.

It’s easy to understand how Split Payments works, from the name. It’s described as a “free and fast way” to divide cost of bills and expenses by Meta.

More About The Facebook Messenger Split Payments Feature

Go to the Payments Hub in Messenger or tap the “Get Started” button in a group chat.

There, you can easily split the bills evenly amongst all the members or modify the amount for each of you. You can still choose to include or exclude yourself while doing the computation.

Split Payments Feature
Facebook Messenger Split Payments Feature

Adding a personalized message so they’ll know what the bill for is also possible. Before sending the request, you’ll first have to confirm your Facebook pay details.

Though, this feature will be made available only in the US in few weeks time. It wasn’t indicated if it’ll be eventually available to users in other countries.

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