Betpawa MTN Reversal Cheat: MTN Unlimited Airtime and Data Tweak 2020/2021

MTN reversal airtime cheat 2020/2021

MTN Unlimited airtime using betpawa

Betpawa Unlimited MTN airtime reversal cheat 2022

Finally, we decided to make a detailed post on how to get the unlimited MTN airtime and data cheat using Betpawa 2020/2021.

mtn betpawa airtime cheat
MTN betpawa unlimited airtime reversal and cheat

For all those who have been selling this tweak on different social platforms and the likes, just know it is wickedness and evil doing such.

    On our updated post about MTN yafunyafun unlimited airtime and data accumulation cheat, we strictly noted ways on how to accumulate the airtime and data bonus alone, but in this case you have to constantly keep on recharging your line to get this MTN data and airtime accumulated, but with the betpawa unlimited mtn airtime cheat we shall be unveiling for free today, you will be able to achieve more and your money still intact and converted back to cash.

    New Method: MTN Unlimited Win back Airtime Cheat and MTN Data Cheat 2020

    Most persons can say this is MTN reversal cheat, obviously it is as you get to have back the airtime with bonuses benefits as you request from betpawa.

    Without wasting much of the time, lets guide you through the MTN Betpawa unlimited airtime and data cheat on the YafunYafun Tariff plan

    MTN Reversal Betpawa Airtime and Data Cheat Requirement 2020/2021

    Here are requirements to activate mtn unlimited airtime betpawa cheat 2020/2021.

    1. Firstly, you need a new MTN sim card
    2. The new mtn sim card comes registered with MTN yafunyafun tariff plan
    3. Or if you already have a sim that is still on the mtn yafunyafun tariff plan, then it is all good
    4. You are expected to have an account with betpawa
    5. Lastly, you should have the least N1200 in your account to recharge the new mtn sim card on yafunyafun.

    How MTN YafunYafun Betpawa Reversal Airtime Cheat Works

    After getting all requirements, ensure to follow all steps accordingly to achieve the MTN reversal and unlimited airtime accumulation cheat.

    • Recharge the new sim on yafunyafun tariff plan with N1200
    • On successful recharge, you should be given over N4000+ Airtime with free 2000mb data and your main recharge airtime balance is still intact
    Now Here Is Another Important step to follow!

    How To Register On Betpawa and Fund Your Account

    Now this isn’t new if you are a gamer, so we wouldn’t go in details on the registration process. 

    • Visit and Register on Betpawa using the newly registered MTN Simcard on yafunyafun tariff plan
    • On successful registration simply deposit the available Airtime balance of N1200 into the Betpawa web

    Note: On the deposit, Betpawa will take 10% deposit transaction fee (N120)

    • Now you must ensure to play a game of N10 or more on the betpawa site, but you should be sure to win the game.
    • Now after successful placing of bet and winning, you can proceed to withdraw the your available Betpawa balance back to your MTN line.
    • Betpawa will request for your bank details, just fill in your bank details correctly and proceed to withdraw. The withdrawal balance will be sent back to your MTN yafunyafun line and boom, you have gotten all yafunyafun bonuses again. 

    This was the main reason we requested a new MTN simcard. 

    • Now you should get back the awuff bonus of 5k plus airtime and 2gb worth of data for free!

    How To Accumulate MTN Airtime and Data On Betpawa

    To accumulate the mtn airtime and data, all you have to do is simply continue the same process over and over again and keep in mind that your real airtime must still be intact.

    Just after you have accumulated enough and you are tired of the process, we will teach you how to convert your Airtime back to real money on our telegram group. So do join us on telegram today.

    MTN betpawa airtime accumulation Faqs

    • Can I withdraw the accumulated bonus? Answer is NO!
    • Can I withdraw back my real airtime to cash? Yes you can revert back your real airtime to cash
    • Can I use an old sim card? Answer is NO! You must use a new mtn sim card
    • Can I migrate to MTN yafunyafun? Answer is NO! MTN yafunyafun plan is only on new simcard.
    • How much can I start with? You are recommended to start with Minimum N1200 and above
    • Can i use my old betpawa account? No! You must register a new betpawa account using the new MTN simcard on yafunyafun
    • Must i place a bet before initiating withdrawal? YES! You must place a bet if you don’t want you account banned. 
    • Must I win before initiating withdrawal? YES! You have to win so the system doesn’t think negative of your account that leads to account ban. 
    • More fags on the mtn betpawa will be updated as we encounter them.

    Don’t sell this tweak or cheat to anyone………

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