Nintendo switch pro to be launched soon

How Nintendo switch pro could be launched soon.
Nintendo Switch Pro. 
Rumors have been seen that relates to the release of a new strengthened Nintendo switch variant for quite some time. It finally appears that it’s ready to unveil its new product . The device was seen on Amazon listing for a brief time today and this was enough to make the rumors seem true. Unfortunately, the page was deleted later.
However, the page being deleted further suggests that it was mistakenly published by the e-commerce retailer.
There aren’t many details about the new Nintendo switch pro so far but we believe that it will be a better upgrade over the already existing switch. 

What can we expect from Nintendo Switch Pro?

  1. We can expect that it may offer more resolution, a bigger display.
  2. We can also expect a processing power and superior graphics.
  3. We believe that the Nintendo switch pro will possibly elevate the experience of the hybrid console. The capability to run games with Full HD resolution and 60 frames per second is conceivable.
  4. We can also expect an AMOLED display made by Samsung and a bigger battery.
Nevertheless, this new console will be the biggest refresh since the launch of the switch. It will also interest you to know that, after its launch, the new console will sell alongside Switch Lite. ‘This means that the regular switch will be discontinued gradually.’ Users will have to opt between Lite modes and the Pro. Though the Lite features a smaller screen, fixed controllers, and of course, portable mode.

What is the price range?

In the international markets, the Lite retails at $200 while the regular switch retails at $300.

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