The Reason Why The Halloween Legend Michael Myers Never Says Anything 2022

We were introduced to Michael Myers through the Halloween movie  for the first time, who on Halloween night famously, in 1963 in the night, killed his older sister, Judith, when he was just six years old, quite terrifying.

Michael myers was now sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, that was where he became the patient of Dr. Samuel Loomis who was played by Donald Pleasence and never spoke ever again.

Michael Myers
The Reason why the Halloween legend Michael myers never says anything

Fifteen years later, on a good day of October 30, Michael escaped from the sanitarium and returned to his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois, where on the day of Halloween night, he went on a killing spree which claimed several lives after he stalked Laurie Strode which was played by Jamie Lee Curtis and her dear friends.

Laurie fortunately became the only survivor of Michael’s gruesome murders in 1978 and continued to be his target for many more years, while Michael continues to not say a single word to her while he keeps on stalking her and killing any one close to her

Michael Myers has become a great part of pop culture and it also one of the most popular killers in the slasher genre, and while he’s mostly known for the peculiar mask he wears, another detail that has made him stand out is that he never talks.

Michael Myers
The Reason why the Halloween legend Michael myers never says anything

He is not the only person do not say a word while slashing their victims, as there’s also slashing genre legend Jason Voorhees who is also a very nasty and more sinister, Michael Myers not talking at all has raised a lot of questions, especially when reading his history, as he became a villain overnight on that cool Halloween night, so his reasons to not talk at all could also be as mysterious as the origin of the evil in him.

So, Why The Question We All Ask Ourselves, Why Doesn’t Halloween’s Michael Myers Talk At All?

It’s clearly mentioned in the first ever Halloween movie that was released in 1963 that Michael Myers didn’t say a single word at all during his stay at Smith’s Grove sanitarium, so he’s not silent as we all thought because he said something before the murder of Judith.

Michael Myers, then, has chosen not to speak again ever again, thought this mind boggling and caused the viewers to have debates and discussions concerning this. Michael’s physical ability to speak was confirmed by Dr. Sartain who was played by Haluk Bilginer in David Gordon Green’s Halloween, but a reason why he chose not to speak again wasn’t given.

Michael Myers
The Reason why the Halloween legend Michael myers never says anything

Some possible reasons why Michael Myers hasn’t talked again since the murder of his sister is that it’s part of the catatonia he tricked everyone into thinking he had, while others, based on the events of Halloween Kills, suggest he is still in severe shock after what happened in 1963, and he’s still that little boy who killed his sister, so his selective mutism could be a lot more complex than it seems.

Michael Myers
The Reason why the Halloween legend Michael myers never says anything

However, others have clearly stated, following what Loomis said multiple times about Michael Myers being the embodiment of evil, believe that Michael’s choice to not speak ever again is part of what makes him very evil, he allows his actions speak for itself.

Michael Myers hasn’t spoken in any of the movies in the Halloween franchise except the Rob Zombie’s remakes. Zombie’s Halloween showed us more about young Michael Myers who was played by Daeg Faerch after Judith’s murder, and it was after he killed a nurse that he went mute, but in Halloween II, the now adult Michael said one word: “die”, to Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), as he killed him.

It’s to be seen if Halloween Ends will explain why Michael Myers hasn’t talked since 1963, but it might be best to keep the mystery as it makes Michael even scarier and more threatening.

In a newly released trailer for Halloween Ends teases the one and only way to kill Michael Myers once and for all. John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween spawned a franchise that continues to this day and Myers is now one of the most iconic horror movie and also the most popular villains of all time.

In 2018, filmmaker David Gordon Green brought back the long-running franchise, with his film, again simply titled Halloween, which aso got positive reviews from fans and critics at the same time. After last fall’s Halloween Kills, Green’s reboot trilogy is now set to close the curtains with Halloween Ends.

Also In addition to Myers, Green’s rebooted take on Halloween also brought back Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, widely considered one of the best last survuivors in the history of horror movies. Although she is more of a supporting character in 2018’s Halloween, Halloween Kills sees the character back in action in the fight against Myers as he continues to terrorize the residents of Haddonfield.

The first trailer for Halloween Ends teases that the upcoming film will be all about the final battle between Strode and Myers, with the former out for blood after the brutal murder of her daughter, Karen who was played by Judy Green. Although an angry mob failed to kill Myers in Halloween Kills, a new trailer for the upcoming film teases that there might be a way to kill him for good.

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