Smartphone Graphics Design Webinar Class: Basic Features Of PixelLab 2020

Android smartphone graphics webinar
Learn Graphics Design With Your Android Smartphone

Droidvilla Tech is setting up a free graphic design webinar class on Android Productivity this coming month September 12th 2020 and its totally free and available for everyone to participate via Zoom Cloud Meeting App.

    I will be showing y’all the basic features of the best Android Smartphone mobile app for graphics designing in 2020. This Android smartphone graphics design application is totally free for download on Google PlayStore with ads, but you can as well get the ads free version on our telegram channel for free.

    Best Android Graphics Design Apk App 2020

    We have got lots of smartphone graphics design apk apps all over the internet, but which is user-friendly and does almost all you think or imagine in seconds without much of a stress?
    Today we shall be introducing to you PixelLab Apk App, which is the most productive Android Graphic application you can ever come across in the internet, Google PlayStore or Appstore.
    Being a graphic designer for years is one big achievement, and knowing fully well you made thousands with your Android Smartphones by doing some cool graphics design is another great achievement.
    So I will be hosting a free live webinar class via zoom for all those interested in becoming a graphic designer using their Android smartphone and PixelLab v1.9.8 latest apk app

    Things needed to participate in the upcoming Graphics Design Webinar Class By Droidvilla Tech 2020

    As the pandemic becomes more serious and not friendly, I (Nnoka Godswill), thought of sharing my professional Android Graphic Design skill to all viewers and family members of Droidvilla Tech for free.
    So if you come across this post, note that this Android Productivity webinar class is totally free for everyone viewing this now, do ensure to participate on this one time special offer from Droidvilla Technology.

    Things Needed

    • You need a good Android Smartphone (minimum of 1GB RAM) 2gb + Recommended for smooth processing.
    • Zoom Meeting App for live section (Download Here
    • PixelLab 1.9.8 Android APK (Download Here)
    • You will be needing external fonts
    • Strong 3g or 4g internet connection for smooth zoom connection
    Having gotten all this, you are fully ready for this Android Productivity Webinar Graphic Design Class by Droidvilla Tech come September 12th 2020.

    Zoom Meeting LINK?

    We shall be updating the zoom meeting link ID below on the 12th of September 2020, 11:59pm.
    Zoom Meeting ID link will be posted here

    What is the time and date for the Zoom Meeting Graphics Design Class?

    The date of the meeting is scheduled to be on the 12th of September 2020, however the time will be determined by the number of votes by anticipating participants of the webinar class.

    If you would like it to be in the morning hours, afternoon hours or evening hours, simply drop a comment of the most suitable time for you. 

    Our team will accumulate all comments and the highest time votes, will be updated below this post, same time with the zoom meeting link. 
    Zoom Meeting Time will be posted here

    Can This Post Be Shared To Social Platforms?

    Of course, you can share this post to all social platforms as it is totally free to participate. No extra charges on this one!

    You can join us on the below Droidvilla Tech Social Platforms




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