Sudden Hike In DSTV Subscription Fees Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Hike in dstv subscription
Hike in Dstv subscription September 1st

A big shock we must say coming to see DSTV trending on the street of twitter over the sudden notification in increase of all its Subscription amid COVID-19 pandemic.

This was actually a sad trend yesterday as some DSTV subscribers were notified via text messages and via mail in regards to hike in price of DSTV Subscriptions starting on the first 1st of September 2020.

Just if you are a compact subscriber, you should be expecting a 13.3% hike in DSTV subscription coming up from next month September. Initial compact price at N6, 975 would be hiked to N7, 900 starting first September 2020. Meanwhile, for DSTV compact Plus subscribers, the subscription fee initially hiked by 9.8% from N10,925 to N12,000. According to Nairametrics, it was also noted that the subscription fee for DSTV premium was increased from N16,200 to 18,400, indicating a 13.6% hike.

Dstv compact n7900
Increase in dstv subscription
“Dear Customer, please be advised of a price adjustment on your DStv Compact package from 1 September. Your new monthly subscription will be N7,900.”

It was also recorded that, the sudden hike in DSTV Subscriptions was just barely a few days after lawmakers in Nigeria’s lower legislative chamber summoned the company’s management to explain an earlier price hike in June.

For those on twitter, you can tell of the bitterness and worries from millions of DSTV users. Just when we all needed the fees to be reduced to help in the pandemic, but it happens to be the saddest part as it has been increased and happening just during the Covid-19 Pandemic and the devastating economic hardship that has come with it.

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