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Top 10 best recommended premium/free Xiaomi Redmi Themes 2021

Tired of your new Xiaomi’s display or you just need a new design look totally on your Xiaomi Redmi device. If you have got an answer and it is ‘Yes’ then we shall be revealing 10 amazing and good-looking themes that would totally give your Xiaomi device a totally different look.

    Xiaomi theme top 10 2021

    We all know Xiaomi to be a top phone brand in Africa and also globally. Furthermore, Xiaomi received the title of being India’s No 1 brand by the TRA Brand Trust Report 2020… The company was declared the ‘Most Trusted Smartphone Brand‘ and the second ‘Most Trusted Brand‘ across all categories of products.

    Without further ado, here is a list of all 10 best recommended Xiaomi Redmi Theme

    1. SLENGE’AN V2
    2. Pearl_Stiw_Premium
    3. iPhone Xs Max
    4. Sapphire
    5. Black Game V11
    6. Gaming_3MDS
    7. Teddy_3MD
    8. ios pure
    9. Northernlights_3MD
    10. Little cute cat


    Xiaomi theme SLENGE'AN V iOS version
    This perfectly portraits the iOS UI display and it is perfect 100%.


    Pearl_Stiw_Premium xiaomi theme
    Pearl_Stiw_Premium theme
    A perfect UI design theme that gives your Xiaomi a whole total new look, with an improved dark mode that works well even when system light mode is enabled.

    iPhone Xs Max:

    Iphone Xs Max xiaomi theme
    iPhone Xs Max Xiaomi theme
    Pretty much love the look on the iPhone Xs Max, and you want to have an experience while using your powerful redmi Xiaomi device, then this iPhone Xs Max theme is just for you.


    Sapphire theme for redmi xiaomi
    Sapphire theme
    Sapphire theme is set to let you gaze at your device for a longer period, as the new look is just too perfect and top-notch.

    Black Game V11:

    Black Game V11 free xiaomi redmi theme
    Black Game V11 theme
    If you are a lover of black, then the Black Game V11 is definitely getting your device into a black 🖤 perfect mode.


    Gaming_3MDS xiaomi Redmi free theme
    Gaming_3MDS theme
    Gaming look-alike theme to bring the gaming feeling to life.


    Teddy_3MD theme
    A female user and you want to get a beautiful Teddy to welcome you just when you wish to unlock your device screen, the Teddy_3MD theme is perfect for you.

    ios pure:

    Ios pure theme for xiaomi Redmi
    ios pure
    As pure as any iPhone UI and it is simple, unique, and friendly to the user.


    Northernlights_3MD theme for xiaomi Redmi
    Get the best high-quality lock screen and home screen display with a natural look UI.

    Little cute cat:

    Little cute cat theme for xiaomi Redmi
    Little cute cat theme
    A little cute car for the ladies using the Xiaomi Redmi device… Enjoy everything little cute cat.
    Keep enjoying the powerful Xiaomi Redmi device with this top 10 recommended best theme for you.

    You can download any of the above-listed themes directly from the Xiaomi Theme Store for free! You are expected to watch 10-30 seconds ads on the theme store to download premium themes for free.

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    Top 10 best recommended premium/free Xiaomi Redmi Themes 2021
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