Open SSL HTTP Configuration For 9mobile SocialPak Download

9mobile unlocked http injector
Open SSL HTTP Configuration For 9mobile SocialPak Download 

As promised on our recent post published few hours ago on how to get 9mobile 10gb Data For N1400, we have gotten the direct Download link of the open ssl 9mobile socialpak 2gb http configuration file and 500mb http configuration.

In the cause of downloading the said 9mobile unlocked ssl http configuration file, we shall be guiding you through on how to import http configuration files, create free ssl account and finally how to input the corresponding information on respective fields.

Unlike the other networks (mtn, Glo, airtel) http configuration use for free browsing and social pak which uses SSH account. In this 9mobile case, it is different as it uses SSL account.
Furthermore, if you create ssh account rather than the ssl account for this 9mobile socialPak data, the file wonโ€™t connect. So do ensure to follow procedures carefully below!

Here are all necessary requirements for the 9mobile socialpak Unlocked SSL HTTP injector configuration file:

  1. HTTP injector required
  2. 9mobile SocialPak data ( read more about the 9mobile SocialPak data and subscription).
  3. Strong internet connection (3g) or (4g recommended) for super speed.
  4. Unlocked ssl 9mobile http injector file
  5. Battery ๐Ÿ”‹
  6. Understanding ๐Ÿ˜‚
How To Set Up 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB and 500mb HTTP Config Files
  • First of download HTTP injector directly from Google PlayStore HERE
  • Now download 9mobile open HTTP injector socialPak configuration files below for their respective data. 

Download Unlocked 9mobile HTTP Injector config file!
  • From the above sites, you can create 3days or 7days ssl account of your choice.
  • Now input your details correctly and proceed to connect. 

Ensure to create ssl account and not ssh
Ensure you follow due process to ensure successful connection.

About Open HTTP 9mobile configuration file:

This config files has no expiring date as all you have to do is simply create a new ssl account and replace old ssl account when expired.
Stay tuned for Kpntunel VPN unlocked 9mobile ssl HTTP injector config files.
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Kindly drop all queries if you donโ€™t understand any step or not too clear with them via the comment section.
Thank you 

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