VPD free N500: Earn upto n10000 free on vpd referral program 2020

Here is how to get VPD free N500 and accumulate upto n10000 free on vpd referral program 2020.

vpd free n500 referral history
vpd free n500 referral history
As we all know, opportunities like this is rare and when it comes, it is quite advisable to make good use of such opportunity while it lasts. 

    Vpd app is more like standard chartered banking applications that you can send, save and receive money with a unique bank account number created just after a successful registration. 
    Not forgetting, standard chartered bank offered a whooping N2000 referral bonus which most persons earned while majority kept complaining of not getting theirs. So today we are bringing to you VPD app which is less stressful and of which is lesser but trust me, N500 is not small and since we aren’t spending a dime to get it, so it is worth every try and download.

    About VPD money app

    Financial solution. Save 3% on every transaction. Convert currencies with ease.
    VPD Money is a smart financial product for mobile people who care about easy, smart and secure transactions; and VPD money comes with many of such bonuses like:
    • -Unlimited free transfers
    • -Access to borderless payments via virtual cards
    • -Cash backs on every transaction
    • -Easy conversion from local currency to international currencies
    • -Access to exclusive tickets, top-ups, bills & subscription payment services in minutes!

    You are already smart, it’s only a smart choice to choose borderless banking for mobile people.

    How to get free vpd n500 referral program

    vpd free n500 referral history
    vpd free n500 referral history
    Without wasting much of your time we shall go straight to show you how to get free vpd N500 cash on the vpd apk app 2020.
    πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯New referral program alert N500 per referral πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    • Download VPD APP from PlayStore 
    •  Sign up with My Referral Code βœ…7XJG1Vβœ…
    • Verify Your Email Address and Boom You Are eligible to Refer as Many Friends as You can and Get free n500 Naira Per Referral

    Before you get credited with N500, the referred person must have completed all registration process and a confirmation must be sent to his mail as seen in the screenshot below.

    How to accumulate vpd money free N500

    The only way to accumulate this free n500 vpd money is by simply referring more people and ensure they use your own referral code after you have successfully activated your account using my referral code 7XJG1V.

    vpd free n500 referral history
    Vpd account verified successfully

    Here are proves of payment!

    Here is vpd N500 prove of funds transfer and credit alert of N3000 to local bank.
    vpd free n500 referral history
    vpd referral money withdrawal successfull
    How to get free n500 on vpd referral program
    vpd referral money withdrawal successfull
    Vpd account verified successfully
    vpd referral bonus withdrawal
    vpd referral bonus withdrawal
    vpd n3000 referral bonus alert to local bank (Diamond bank)
    Still having doubts???
    Download VPD apk app from Google PlayStore 
     Ensure to please Use My Referral Code βœ…7XJG1Vβœ… when registering.

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    1. The app is requesting for my BVN details Before I can complete registration. I can't share my BVN details cus their app can be hacked and details will leak

    2. Boss, Followed all the instructions above & referred two people but I'm still yet to be credited…
      Does it take time to be credited?


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