Watch All 2500+ Live DSTV Channels For Free Using Latest Josh DSTV Hacked Apk App and STB

Josh DSTV Hacked
Josh DSTV Hacked

As promised, we are not here to make money, we are here to show you all why Droidvilla Tech is different.

Remember the hacked dstv apk vtv app and dstv activation code 2021/2022 that was released freely on this very tech site? Just if you didn’t meet up you can check here!

    For all those who were in a haste to get the hacked dstv vtv apk from other blogs, whatsapp tv, Telegram and the rest platforms should be in regrets as it wasn’t worth it since the vtv activation codes aren’t working no more.

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    As for those who waited and trusted Droidvilla Tech for the Hacked dstv apk vtv app, you all did great as it was published for free on our website without any extra charge. 7 up! The difference is clear!

    Just after the hacked dstv apk vtv app stopped working, we released another alternative FreeFlix app which wasn’t really straightforward or working can I say.

    We had lots of complains and request for another alternative on all our social platforms which was Secretly been sold by other blogs, telegram channels, whatsapp tvs and lots more.

    One thing I am pretty sure of is Nothing Lasts Forever! So why hoard something you know will definitely be leaked or casted in no time?

    As I am posting this right now, I’m pretty sure if this gets blocked again there would definitely be another hacked dstv apk app. So don’t be scared or worried, with Droidvilla Tech, you have nothing to worry about.

    We promised our telegram group members that we will deliver the latest and working josh DSTV Hacked Android apk which is getting all over the place with a price tag and for free on Droidvilla Tech website.

    We never joked when we said it, and today Droidvilla Technology will be sharing the latest and trending hacked DSTV apk app for free with working josh dstv hacked STB Configuration, mac address, serial number and portal url.

    If you have paid for the latest hacked josh dstv apk app, we are sorry. For those who waited patiently for this day, we will not disappoint you today, tomorrow or any day.

    So here is the latest hacked josh dstv app apk free download and stb configuration settings.

    Latest Josh Dstv hacked App For Android

    This will be straightforward, so do ensure to  follow due steps accordingly to get started with watching unlimited DSTV channels for free using the latest hacked dstv apk app.

    Download DStv apk hacked mod Josh DSTV Apk App 2021

    • First of all download and install the latest hacked DSTV apk app!
    • Once you have successfully downloaded the latest hacked dstv apk app, simply locate the downloaded hacked dstv apk from your file manager – – – – Download folder!
    • Now tap on the Hacked dstv apk app to get it installed.
    After the installation process, simply follow below steps carefully to configure the hacked dstv apk app.

    How To Configure The Latest josh DSTV Hacked Apk App

    Already have the application installed and don’t know how to configure the hacked DSTV apk App to start streaming live channels like BBN and lots more? We have just what you want and it is free on Droidvilla Tech.

    So let us get started with the hacked dstv apk app configuration settings.
    Follow the steps below!

    We are to configure three (3) things which includes STB Configuration ( portal URL, MAC Address) and Serial Number before we can fully get all live dstv channels on the latest hacked dstv apk application.

    • After you might have downloaded and installed the hacked dstv apk app from the above link, simply open the hacked DSTV apk app
    • Now tap on the right top three dotted icons
    • Tap on settings
    • Tap on Profile
    • Tap on the available profile
    • Now change profile name to Droidvilla
    • Now tap on the Portal settings, copy and replace into the portal URL input field. (Join Droidvilla Telegram Channel for updated stb if blocked)
    • Press ok and hit the back button
    • Tap on the STB Configuration and replace the MAC address with 00:1A:79:40:33:5b
    • Also replace the serial Number 072015N13835 and hit the back button.

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    Image Guide To Configure Latest Hacked josh DSTV Apk App and dstv activation code

    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Finally you have successfully done the hacked dstv configuration settings. Simply minimize and close the hacked dstv application. Now open the hacked dstv application again and wait for it to initialize the configuration settings.

    After the initialization you will see a new screen As shown below.

    Josh DSTV Hacked
    Josh DSTV Hacked

    Use the down and up button to scroll and stop at Africa, now hit Ok for it to load all dstv channels for free.

    Now you should see a list of all dstv channels ready to be streamed live, simply use the down and up button to navigate through to the one you wish to watch. For bbnaija lovers, scroll and find the BBN channel and hit the ok button to get started.
    Note that, this works for all Android devices, and it’s totally free. So we plead that you share this post for free and do share the love across to your friends and family members.

    Having issues with the hacked josh dstv apk app and stb settings and dstv activation code?

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