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Update on racksterly: What is “Ad credits” on racksterly?

Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
So after the long run, ups and down, we can all now say Racksterly is here to stay! 
For those wondering what the new added feature “Ad Credits” is all about on racksterly, here is a full detailed information you need to know about the update.


  1. About Racksterly? 
  2. How Does Racksterly Work?
  3. How legit is Racksterly?
  4. How Can I Join Racksterly?
  5. Racksterly Ad Credits update!
  6. What is Ad Credits in Racksterly? 
  7. What posts are allowed to be published on racksterly to avoid account been deactivated? 
  8. What happens to our earnings on previous days we were unable to access the site? 
  9. How can I fund my Ad wallet?
  10. Is there any minimum funding of Ad Credits? 
  11. Is there any maximum amount to how much can be added to Ad Credits? 
  12. How can I publish my ads/business after funding my Ad Credits? 

⭕About Racksterly? 

Racksterly is a money making platform with unique system for users to make money. Companies like Glo, Airtel, Konga and many others verified companies have partnered with Racksterly in order for them to reach more audience as users keeps sharing daily advert on their Facebook timeline. Meanwhile, you can also join Racksterly to advertise your growing business if you want people to share your adverts too. Just simple and cool!

How Does Racksterly Work?

Racksterly has four plans for users to subscribe to. You have to subscribe to a monthly plan with them before you will gain access to the platform to make money.

How legit is Racksterly?

Yes, Racksterly is a legit money making program for people living only in Nigeria. If you are from Nigeria, you have really hit a jackpot this time around.

How Can I Join Racksterly?

Note: Make sure you use Google Chrome browser for better experience using Racksterly. 

  • STEP 1: To join Racksterly, visit Racksterly.co
  • STEP 2: Then, fill in your first name, last name, email, phone number and lastly, password. (All correctly and legit) 
  • STEP 3: Once done, go to your email and enter the verification code sent to you, then proceed to the next page.
  • STEP 4: Now, Racksterly will walk you through on how to complete the registration as you will add your Facebook account (make sure you have 200 real friends and don’t use a fake account), after that, now add your Nigerian bank account to it for withdrawal, and lastly, choose a subscription plan and make payment using your card or directly from bank.
  • Payment process
  • STEP 5: After you have registered on Racksterly, you can share your first advert to your Facebook timeline immediately to start making money 💵.

You can read to know more here

⭕Racksterly Ad Credits update!

Note: information provided here is directly from the racksterly notification 🔔 center!

Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
Ad credits feature
Here is yet another cool added feature we have generalized to be a great move from the racksterly team. This way, making it possible to also advertise your own business on racksterly. 
Let’s get to know more from the horses mouth!

What is Ad Credits in Racksterly? 

Ad Credits are meant for publishing your own ads directly from your accounts.
We noticed that most of us own or are involved in businesses on the side. And we thought to encourage and help you get some exposure by giving you some ad credits to start with. Alas, it was abused. We had posts of animals and bare chests and paper and legit products and mucky products and services and whatnot. Not exactly what we thought you’d do with it. The end result and experience for other users was an eyesore. So, we disabled ad publishing for a little while, and began cleaning things up.
By the time you read this, ad publishing would have been re-enabled. But before you make another post, there’s something you need to know:

We’re implementing a zero-tolerance policy on ads posted. 
There’s a new “Report post” feature (tap the three dots under a post to see it). 

This added feature helps you report posts you feel isn’t meant to be published or advertised on racksterly. Keep reading….. 

As the Stream is slowly becoming the biggest part of the Racksterly experience, everyone has a responsibility to ensure only high quality posts are allowed, for one another. So, if you see a post that shouldn’t be there, report it. 

If a post is reported by enough people (we’ve set “enough people” to a small number of people), not only will your ad be removed, but its owner’s Racksterly account will also be disabled Permanently.

Shitty posts will not be tolerated. If you have a legitimate business or service to advertise, you have nothing to worry about. Just take the time to prepare a nice image or video (video ad publishing from your account is now available!), and write a nice description and title, and you’re good to go.

Oh, and don’t come looking for a refund if your account is disabled for a truly shitty post. You won’t get it. Post something useful, or post nothing at all.

By the way, speaking of refunds, when we saw the number of sliding tackles that had been made on our Facebook Page, we thought we’d have to make thousands of refunds. We haven’t had up to 20 requests. Weird, no?

Note that everyone’s ad credits have been reset to zero.

When you want to publish a post, you can simply top up your ad credits (now you know what the top-up feature is for). Then, you can create a post from the ad credits in your ad credits balance.
That is not all you need to know…. 

⭕What posts are allowed to be published on racksterly to avoid account been deactivated? 

There are some posts that aren’t allowed on Racksterly. Let’s address those:
  • Sexually explicit/violent content is not allowed. In fact, pretty much anything you wouldn’t let your kid catch you looking at is not welcome.
  • Political ads are cash-cows for platforms that thrive on providing publicity. However, we won’t be accepting political ads on our platform, for what should be obvious reasons. And if those reasons aren’t obvious to you, then you’ve probably been asleep the past few years. Here’s some cold water.
  • Spammy, scammy, or misleading content are all not allowed. Neither is news. Please do not advertise news articles.
  • Products, businesses and services that pass the above tests are fine, pending when we update the list (we’ll let you know when we do).

You could read full story HEADWAY

What happens to our earnings on previous days we were unable to access the site? 

We promised to compensate you for the days you lost while you couldn’t use our service, and we have. It wasn’t the most comfortable of decisions, but a promise is a promise.

If you still haven’t been compensated, kindly get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it.

We’re sorry for ever putting your integrity in doubt before those you introduced into our family. Even though we pulled through, you should never have been in that situation. We’re really sorry.
Thank you for trusting and believing.
We love you. For always.

PS: We still don’t have a Twitter handle.

⭕How can I fund my Ad wallet?

Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
Ad credits
This can be done by simply going to your racksterly account and by tapping the three vertical lines at the top right side of the screen (where you can find your available Earnings balance and also for sure the Ad Credits $0. 
Now tap on top up and after selecting the amount to be added into your wallet, proceed in making payments via the available paying methods as seen in image nelow.
Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?

⭕Is there any minimum funding of Ad Credits? 

Yes, there is!
The minimum funds to be added into your Ad Credits is $5 dollars 💵 which is equivalent to a thousand + in Naira. Image below!

Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
Least $5

Is there any maximum amount to how much can be added to Ad Credits? 

For as much as we know, we have no details on that for the now. We shall update it as soon as we find legit information in regards to that.

How can I publish my ads/business after funding my Ad Credits?

It’s quite easy and simple. Go to racksterly home and tap on the pink pencil icon seen on the web page below. Image guide!! 
Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
Publish ads

⭕Finally we have to the end of the tunnel…. Do feel free to reach out us if you need assistance!

Don’t forget to subcribe to our newsletter for more exclusive update. 

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Update on racksterly: What is "Ad credits" on racksterly?
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