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5 Best Android Hacks You Should Know in 2021

– Top 5 Best Android Hacks You Should Know
Android is the most popular and versatile operating system for smartphones in the present scenario which is also evident through the fact that it accounts for almost 86% shares of sales in the smartphone market.
The main reason behind such an escalated approach is being open source, flexible and highly customizable.
Also, the availability of tons of applications by thousands of developers for the same is like icing on the cake.
Now, as an Android user, you might want to explore the endless possibilities for getting the maximum out of your Android device.
Following the same, I am here with the best Android hacks you should know right now.

Below are the Android hacks you should know

  • Install Linux on your Android Phone without Root
You might be surprised to know that it is literally possible to open the Linux interface and command prompt on your Android phone.
Now, installing a Linux on Android has always been a tedious task and often requires root but here, we do have a way to do that without root or any special knowledge and skills.
By using Debian Noroot app, you can install Linux distribution Debian on your Android phone to get a few utilitarian things done.
It is basically an operating system based on Linux which allows the user to install LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open source software through APT (Advanced Package Tool) and make use of the same.
To do this, you just have to install the Debian Noroot app from the PlayStore, then just open it like any other application and allow it to download the full package for complete installation.
Once loaded fully, you will be welcomed by a mouse-oriented desktop interface where you can download and install certain programs or games just like on any other version of Linux.
Nonetheless, there are endless possibilities to be explored in case if you’re bored with your Android.
  • Tweak the Status Bar using System UI Tuner

Here is yet another android Hacks among the list.
This is one of the interesting android hacks. If in case you’re bored with your current status bar or plan of adding and removing certain options then you no longer need to rely on third party apps.
You just have to enable the hidden settings menu called as “System UI Tuner” which can be done by holding the settings gear present in the Notification toggle menu.
On doing the same, the gear icon will start rotating followed by a toast message confirming that System UI tuner has been enabled.
Now, you will be able to see the System UI tuner menu in the settings app where you can specify what sort of icons you want to appear  in the status bar like indication for orientation, networks, headphones (this ain’t enabled by default on some phones), etc.
You can further tweak extra settings for Do Not Disturb mode, notifications and Always On Display (if supported).
However, this hidden setting may not be present on phones with custom UI like EMUI/MIUI and older android versions.

  • Track your Android Smartphone
Ever lost a phone? if yes, then you might have had an awful experience like I did after losing my phone at the restaurant.
At times, we misplace our phones and the worst part is if we kept them on silent, then there’s no other way you can get it back except using Google’s Find My Phone app.
The best part with Android is that if you added a Google Account to your Android device, then Find My Device is automatically turned on. So, whenever you lose your device, just head over to android.com/find in any browser and log in with the same google account.
Now, you can see the location of your device and can further erase all the data remotely, lock it down with a message or make it ring loud (even if it’s in silent mode), provided that your lost device has access to the internet and location is on.
  • See back the Notifications you Swiped Away
Ever cleared all your notifications in a hurry without reading them properly?
Yeah, I know that happens quite often and later comes the realization that you might have missed something important, maybe something from an app which you don’t know, in such case will you waste your time opening every app to recheck notifications?
Well, we have a solution for that as well.
Simply long press and hold on your home screen to show up the screen-adjusting mode. Now, tap on widgets and look for the Settings shortcut widget which should look like a basic settings gear.
Next, drag it to somewhere on your home screen which will be followed by a popup list allowing you to choose from essential shortcuts like accessibility, app info, battery, devices, battery, memory, etc. Just search for the option named “notification log” and select it.

After which you can view all your previous notifications from all the apps with the time of appearance using the shortcut.
  • Improve Graphics in Games
Want to churn out the maximum speed and gaming performance from your Android device? then you must try the GLTools (graphics optimizer) app once.

This app requires root permissions to work and lets you squeeze better performance on lower-end devices by fooling it like if you’re running a different processor. Also, you can tune in your graphics for better visuals and better dynamic range in games.
So thats all on Android hacks for now. We will try to keep the article updated. So if you have some other tricks in mind then I will love you to share with me.
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5 Best Android Hacks You Should Know in 2021
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