Android Overheating : Popular Causes And Solutions 2021

There are obviously lots of causes for Android overheating and this causes can be controlled and managed.

There are lots of posts out there based on same issues, but here you will get all solutions tested and confirmed by us.
Android Overheating
Android Overheating
For those who are having notifications or pop up warning ⚠ of Android overheat, should try as much as possible to resolve and avoid such prompt.

Some Common Causes Of Android Overheating

1. Use Of Device While Charging :

Avoid the use of Android device while on power supply.

2. Faulty Device Battery

Yes faulty battery , if your device battery is weak or swollen your device is expected to be hitting at a higher temperature.
if not quicky replaced can damage device IC when device temperature is too high.
3. Background applications process:
Many smartphone users don’t actually know how background applications  can result to Android overheat.
Its simple, lots of Android applications starts its process always on its own and this applications are always running in the background, eating up RAM and always active.
This process consumes lots of battery and tends to increase temperature of Android.
Ensure to always stop all background process by simply going to settings>> applications >> Running services and force stop 🛑 all active process not in use by you.

4. High Power Consumption Applications :

Some applications generally heats up android device when in process after some while.
Its advisable to activate airplane mode when using such applications to help save battery and resolve overheat.

5. Synchronizati Gmail/location:

Turning off location and automatic synchronization can help resolve issue of Android overheating.

6. Use of 4g LTE:

The use of 4g LTE should be minimized and used only when streaming of movies, live matches or for huge downloads.
Using 3g can help reduce temperature and save battery life.

7. Android Device:

Yes, some Android devices are generally heated up always, sometimes that is actually how they function.
Can also be as a result of bad productions from manufacturers.
Low processors and low RAM can also be a cause of Android overheating.

8. Lots of Android apps on low wend devices:

Lots of android users are fond of this, the use of hundreds of apps on low end devices can generally cause overheat.
A device with 512mb of RAM will be equipped with over 30 android apps with Snapchat, instagram and whatsapp at once.
All this apps will definitely heat up android device when in use fkr awhile.
Avoid the installation of lots of applications on low end devices.

9. Avoid high screen display brightness :

Avoid increasing the screen brightness to its max in a hot surrounding or whiles in use.
Increase in brightness causes android overheating.
Note: Overheat of any smartphone can damage device I.C and also weakens device battery causing it to swell.
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