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Call of Duty: Tips to earn more cash and XP

Call DUTY COD Warzone
WarZone COD

For the lovers of the most trending online game on PlayStore Call of Duty (COD): Newly added task called Warzone features different Contracts as a way for players to certainly earn more Cash, earning XP, weapon XP, and more.

Contracts sighted to be located around the map in a tablet pick up that then assigns the player to a complete a certain task. After which can earn lots of cash and XP.

Furthermore, the tasks varies, based on the contract each player find.
Also, the rewards for completing each contract differs based upon what contract the player find.
Call DUTY COD Warzone
COD warzone 

Information in regards to contract rewards:

We gathered that some contracts will let you have extra XP, weapon XP, earn cash, show you a preview of the next circle.
There’s also a contract, according to Infinity Ward, which lets you see the final circle within the first 10 minutes of the match if you find and execute specific contract on time.

We also found another interesting type of Contract called Bounties. 

About Bounties:

Call DUTY COD Warzone
Call of duty (COD Warzone) 
These is obviously a specific targeted contracts. If you find a bounty contract, it’s all about finding and taking out a specific player who is randomly chosen for that bounty.

Also, if you pick up a Bounty contract, it will show you the bounty enemy’s relative location to go hunt them down and earn.

Nevertheless, if you’re on the opposite side of the contract, you will get an alert on your screen that there’s an active Bounty Contract on your player, so you have to navigate back immediately to complete task. Your entire squad gets alerted when one player on your team has an active bounty on them. They also help in accomplishing your mission.

Let’s go get some freaky freaky cash and XP’s!!
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Call of Duty: Tips to earn more cash and XP
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