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COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks: Customizable Kill Effects, New Maps and Mode

A snippet of the Cod mobile season 6 leaks and update summary.

While everyone’s busy talking about mid-season Fennec buffs, Activision has released the Season 6 public beta build of Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Season 5 testing period was closed, so the developers stated they were busy working on major gameplay changes and new upgrades for Season 6.

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Activision may have been right as they revealed that the next season will include the popular Ground Wars mode in COD Mobile, as well as new perks and operator skills.

We have listed some of the latest updates to the test server in this article.

In Multiplayer Mode, the next season will offer Ultra Frame Rate (120 FPS). The option can only be used for Medium Graphics and cannot be applied to Higher Graphic Quality settings.

Mobile Customizable Kill Effects for COD

Cod mobile season 6 leaks
Cod mobile season 6 leaks

Next season will allow players to modify Kill Effects. This can be used on any gun and doesn’t require Legendary Skins.

Cod mobile season 6 leaks: Customize hit marks

Battle Royale will also have the same rules, except that players can choose from different colours to receive hit effects.

Cod mobile season 6 leaks: New Operator Skill – Dyneema Armour

Cod mobile season 6 leaks
Cod mobile season 6 leaks

The next season will see the introduction of this armour operator skill. Although the Dyneema vest is not yet described by the developers, it will most likely provide players with significant protection against their opponents through reducing damage inflicted.

Scorestreak New – Swarm

The Scorestreak-Swarm drone will be similar to the Hunter-Killer Drone. It can glide through the air and hit & eliminate opponents once it is deployed.

Shield Grenade – New Secondary Throwable

Cod mobile season 6 leaks
Cod mobile season 6 leaks

This secondary throwable can be used in loadouts. This grenade is thrown once and creates a spherical shield that enemies can’t see through. They can shoot through it, however.

Martyrdom – New Red Perk

Once you are killed, the Martyrdom will automatically drop a live bomb. You can score an instant kill if your enemies aren’t careful.

Mobile Multiplayer Modes in COD – New

Season 6 of COD Mobile will feature new multiplayer modes, ‘Face Off’ and ‘Stack’.

New Multiplayer Maps Now Available – COD Mobile

Cod mobile season 6 leaks
Cod mobile season 6 leaks

Season 6 could also include the Monastery map from COD: Mobile global, which was already released in Chinese. Slums & Stacks may be another name that has been leaked.

Solid Gold – New BR Mode

Season 6 will bring another new BR mode. Solid Gold is a new BR mode that won’t give players any Class Advantages or Revives. This mode is being featured by COD Mobile as an “Original Old School Battle Royale Experience”.

According to further leaks, Season 6 will include a new Sniper Rifle and an SMG. Details are not available. Some UI changes and new options will be made to the game’s Profile Section.

For more information, please watch the YouTube video below.

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COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks: Customizable Kill Effects, New Maps and Mode
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