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How to convert videos to gif on iPhone, and Android without third-party app

Did you know? You can convert any video directly from your WhatsApp messenger app to gif in seconds. See how!

Video to gif
How to convert video to gif on iPhone, and Android

Have you been in search of how to convert videos to gif or have you been wondering how possible it is to easily convert mp4 videos to gif? Gif makers are making the rounds on the internet today and the search on how to convert youtube videos to gif, convert video into gif, and also making gifs.


    In today’s article, we shall be showing in detail how to convert any video to gif directly from your Android or iPhone device without having to download any third-party app on your device.

    Gifs are quite funny and are found to put smiles on people’s faces which happens to be widely used on all social platforms, ranging from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. The fact you get to see an interesting scene while watching a movie and not knowing how to make a gif out of that scene is pretty much annoying I must tell.

    Before then what is Gif?


    Gif Meaning

    GIFs are basically a soundless video that loops continuously without anyone pressing the play button.

    Without wasting your time, we shall guide you through how to make a gif on iPhone and Android devices without searching for the best gif making software, and best android gif maker.

    So if you are here and you wish to know how to convert video to gif, we shall show you how to convert any video, either from youtube, camera, Facebook, and more directly from your iPhone and android device using WhatsApp messenger.

    How to convert video to gif on iPhone, and Android using WhatsApp messenger app

    WhatsApp gif maker idea for iPhone and Android is one which not everyone knows about, and it would be constructive to spill it all out now to you, so do enjoy the tutorial on how to convert videos to gif using WhatsApp messenger.


    Requirements to convert videos to gif

    • You will need WhatsApp messenger installed on your device already
    • Video you wish to convert to gif (downloaded Youtube videos, Facebook, Instagram), etc.
    That is actually all you need, so let’s get the ball rolling already!
      1. Open your WhatsApp messenger for iPhone or Android
      2. Now select a contact you want to test this with, that wouldn’t give you a headache


    1. Select the video file from the share icon button you want to make a gif (Droidvilla Tech recommends gif length to be 6 seconds, which is actually WhatsApp standards).
    2. Now use the cut tool to adjust to the exact scene you wish to convert to a gif
      Whatsapp Gif converter
      Whatsapp gif converter
    3. At the exact 6 seconds of the adjustment, you will see an option to switch between video to gif at the top right side of the screen.
      Whatsapp video to gif
      Whatsapp video to gif converter
    4. Simply tap on the GIF icon and send it to the contact.
      Convert YouTube/Videos to gif
      How to convert video to gif on iPhone, and Android

    You have successfully converted a video to gif, but wait, that isn’t all though, let us guide you through how to save the converted video to gif into your device gallery.

    Video to gif converter
    Video to gif


    How to save converted video to gift into device gallery

    To save your converted gif video into your device or for it to be available on your gallery simply go to your device file manager, internal storage, WhatsApp folder, media folder, WhatsApp animated gifs folder, sent folder, and now you could see the just converted video to gif. Simply hold, copy or cut the gif to the default root of internal storage or a different folder you wish to save it.


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    How to convert videos to gif on iPhone, and Android without third-party app
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