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Have you been scammed? Here is how to recover back your scammed money in Nigeria 2020

– You can now report a scammed transaction and get the scammer account placed on hold and money recovered back in Nigeria
– Copy transaction ID number along side with screenshots of conversation between you and the scammer to the scammers Bank of use
Recover scammed money Nigeria
Scammed online? Recover back your money
Knowledge they say is power and here it is been given out for free to all esteemed Droidvilla Tech visitors and followers.
So today we shall be sharing a top knowledge tips today on how to recover back your money after you have been scammed online.
As the case of fraudulent act increases during this pandemic Covid-19, we have seen and have received DM’s in regards to been scammed some certain amount of money by the fake investment platforms, businesses and partnership, and we thought it wise to share this tip on how to get back your scammed money without having to get heart broken.

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All this related questions gets to one question, what can be done when scammed to recover back your money in Nigeria?
Without further ado, lets quickly get to the steps taken in order to retrieve back your scammed money. 

How To Recover Back Your Scammed Money In Nigeria 2020

It is quite important to bookmark or copy this post link and save it to your notes or drive for future use and purpose. Kindly do ensure to follow the below steps accordingly to achieve the main interest of the post. 
40% – 60% social media users has one way or the order been scammed and bad enough, they let go because they actually don’t know what to do about it, so today here is just what you need to do when you realize a page you paid for a service or goods is ghosting you. 
  • Screenshot all previous chats across all messaging app (IG and WhatsApp or FB).
  • Write out the Full name and account number of the page or person who scammed you.
  • Go to the last notification your bank sent you after you made the payment (via mobile app or text) copy out the “TRANSACTION ID NUMBER“.
  • Go to any branch of the scam artist’s bank (the bank the scammer uses), ask to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE in charge of FRAUD.

If you can, print out all those chats with the scammer, and submit it to the customer care in charge of fraud.

  • While you are there, send an email to SCAMMER’S BANK and copy CBN FRAUD DESK (anticorruptionunit@cenbank.org). This will ginger the bank to take it up fast.

What should you expect from this?

Once you have done the above steps, you should be rest assured the culprit/suspects account will be PLACED ON HOLD.
This will definitely hold all transactions (the scammer) he/she is about to make. Making it impossible for he/she to make transfer or withdraw from that account until they visit the bank, and when they do, the bank will contact the police and the suspect will be detained, and when proven guilty will sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money ASAP.

So you just got refunded and the culprit is arrested to save others from being scammed!

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Have you been scammed? Here is how to recover back your scammed money in Nigeria 2020
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