How To Share MTN Data, 50mb, 100mb, 200mb, 400mb, 500mb and 1gb

Mtn data share 500mb
How to share over 500mb data on MTN 2021

Finally, MTN “how to share MTN data” is at it again with yet another history made to be the first network operator to share over a 200mb data to other customers in the same network.

Oh, yes it is now available and provided you have available data subscription and balance, you can now share up to 1000mb in a day and guess what?

You can as well share 500mb on mtn network twice to same number or probably to two different numbers provided they are still on the MTN network.
There have been lots of complaints on how to share more than 200mb on mtn, How to share bonus data on MTN, How to share SME Data on MTN, and also not everyone on the network knows about mtn data share and sell, so this is going to be a very good one as we will show you how to share MTN data or mb from, 50mb, 100mb, 200mb, 300mb, 400mb,500mb and lastly 1gb on the MTN network.

Without wasting much of your time, just if you are new on MTN share and sell procedures, we (Droidvilla Tech), will guide you on how to get started with MTN share and sell.

How To Share MTN data to MTN; Things to note

  • Maximum of two (2) shares per day on the MTN data share and sell
  • Maximum of 1000mb (1gb) can be transferred in a day on the MTN data share and sell
  • No pin is required for MTN data share and sell
  • Data share and sell on MTN is totally free of charge (No extra charge)

How To Share MTN Data Subscription

Mtn data 200mb share
How to share Mtn data, 200mb and more


Sharing your MTN data subscription is quite easy and simple as we shall be giving out the shortest MTN data sharing usssd code to speed up the data share and sell processes.

To share your MTN data subscription simply dial ussd code *131*7*1#.
  • Now input recipient phone number and proceed
  • On the next screen you can input the preferred number of your data transfer choice as shown below.
  • Finally tap on ok and that is all

MTN data share and sell available Options

  1. 50mb
  2. 100mb
  3. 200mb
  4. 500mb
  5. 500mb twice (1gb)

The latest mtn data share and sell update is indeed a good one as you can now tell your friends to share you some portion of their available mtn data subscription up to 1000mb, unlike the previous limit which was 100mb and can be done just once per day.

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