Update: Glo Free unlimited Browsing Cheat 2020 activation

Update: Glo Free unlimited Browsing Cheat 2020 activation

We hope this ends all difficulty ever faced while activating the GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2020

We have dropped 2 working methods and of which the second was published few days back.
We have decided to have a personal test on this new method and which was confirmed to be legit and working, so I decided to drop steps here for all viewers and visitors. 
If you recently visited the first method, you had to recharge N200 on the first GLO sim which must be on Old GLO yakata, after which you have to do a sub of N200 and share the data to the second sim and also wait for 2hours or more before having to use the shared data on the second sim.
This was way not friendly and boom we got a second method which you had to Migrate to GLO Jumbo and do a N50 subscription.
After all this methods, seems the first was promising but still wasn’t easy and the rest. After the test yesterday by me, we found out that the reason behind the unlimited surf was obviously from the 

Yakata data bonus and not the Subscription data.

Image is 80mb because I recharged N200.

Glo Unlimited (Droidvilla)
YAKATA bonus

Come to think of it!

Those having difficulty in getting the cheat done was as a result of them not getting the Yakata data bonus first before proceeding to share the data to the second line.
I was a victim and while in the process I was inspired by the Holy spirit to get the jerk out of this. So if you are on this table, just make sure you do this steps again below and be rest assured it must work.


  • 2 Glo sim cards (1 sim must be on Old yakata dial ussd *230# or *220# to migrate)
  • Strong 3g or 4g network connection 
  • Minimum of N100 (previously N200 but now N100)

How to activate GLO Unlimited cheat 2019 with N100

  • The first sim must be on GLO yakata, just if you aren’t yet on GLO yakata kindly migrate to the Yakata by dialing USSD code *230#.  To confirm that you are on old GLO yakata and not the New Yakata plan, simply dial USSD code again #100# to confirm before proceeding.

  • Now make a recharge or Top-Up from bank of N100 on the GLO yakata SIM card which is the first sim. When recharge or top-up is successful, you should receive a bonus data of 40MB from GLO since your tarrif is on the Old Yakata plan. Now confirm you have the bonus data by dialing *127*0# or by using the GLO cafe app. Once it is confirmed that you have the 40MB bonus data proceed to next step.
  • Immediately share the data to the second SIM card using the code USSD ∗127∗01∗number#. Once you get a message that you have been shared a subscription on the second sim, don’t wait for any goddamn seconds, turn on the data connection of the second Glo sim card and surf unlimitedly.
Dv glo 2019
Unlimited GLO free browsing cheat

Note that

You must first receive the 40mb data bonus before proceeding to share the subscription plan to the second sim. 

First sim card must be on old GLO yakata

You need just N100 for the unlimited browsing and do ensure to always make a top uo at every last day of the free yakata bonus expiring date. 

You should feel free to comment below for enquiry or do join our active telegram channel here for updates and our group for 24/7 help and discussion.
Thank you 

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