6 Quick Ways to Fix Android Phone That Has Charging Issues.

6 Quick Ways to Fix Android Phone That Has Charging Issues.

Android phone with charging issues
Android phone with charging issues

Low battery and phone issues can be very mind draining, making one unstable and disorganized, theirby hindering productivity.

A lot of people have a particular preference of charging the Android phone using a cable while wireless USB port charging is trending.

A good USB cord with up to 120W wired fast charging on some Android phones, you can power your Android phone from 0 to 100 percent in about 30 minutes. But, what’s the essence of such unimportant fast charging speeds when the supplied charger fails to spice up the phone in the first place? Most times the charged phone cannot be used for a long period of time due to the inefficacy of the battery.

How to fix android phone that has charging issues:

When your phone is connected to the wall-based charging adapter and it doesn’t charge, you might have wondered why your phone doesn’t charge. It can be due to a faulty adapter, cable, or charging port going trouble shooting. This article has been curated to guide you on how to solve this problem.


This can also be used on old Android phones as well. Some years back, it might be that the charging port of your Android phone has been damaged. In that case, it won’t observe the adapter and charge the device for health reasons.

Another instance can be water or moisture damage. Even if your Android phone is IP68 water and dust-resistant, a few droplets of moisture, dust or water in the charging port will prevent the device from charging. We advise that you clean up the charging cable’s port and the port located on your phone very well with a clean, grease free and dry microfiber cloth.

If you attempt to charge such a phone, the Operating Software might detect an error indicating that you to need to dry out the port first. Wait for some a while, and allow the moisture or dust to evaporate, and then attempt to charge the phone again.


We recommend using a trusted supplied adapter for charging the Android phones. That said, some companies might have stopped giving chargers in the retail box. But not to worry you can always pick a third-party charger.

Few persons due to the economy might end up getting substandard, cheap and unreliable adapters from third-party vendors. You should only use third-party chargers from reputed and  trusted companies such as Oriamo and the rest. Oriamo is tested and trusted. If you are confused, it’s best to get a new adapter from the phone maker.

If you have been using an old adapter for a few years, quickly observe it. Check if it get damaged, or did you notice any dent in the physical shape or size? Or a change in the mouth piece. Promptly Replace it with a new adapter, and you can now charge you phone with ease.


When the issues of phone not charging comes up changing the cableis the way to go . Over the years, the supplied cable might have gotten ripped off from the connector sides. Probably the Cable have been badly damaged due to rough handling.

Observe the cable condition. If you see any visible damage from any side, it won’t charge the Android phone. You have no option but to buy a new cable from a Phone store or an Open market .

Please endeavor to pick cables from a reputable source.


Most times after playing games on your phone, the device temperature might have risen uncomfortably high above the normal range. In such a instances, of you try to charge an Android phone, you may observe that it might warn you to cool down the phone first. Let your phone cool down very well, this might take a while. Endeavor to keep it in a cool and r dry place, and then try to charging it.


Most lithium-ion batteries has a particular lifespan. It’s the nature of the battery to downgrade in the capacity over time. If you are paradventure you are using an old Android phone, chances are your phone battery capacity might have reduced to 30% or 45%.


The aiesthetic of Android is that you can offload third-party apps on phones missing from the Google Play Store. You might have installed some spacing consuming and wrecking apps and files from the web.

Take note of such apps that are not available on Google Play Store and delete them from your phone.

Hopefully these step have been specially curated to help you troubleshoot the issues.

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