Amazing : Google Drive Finally Gets A Shortcut To Copy And Paste Files 2022

Eery now and then, a new feature is added to an app or service that we can’t believe it didn’t have before. Google, for example, announced last week that cut, copy, and paste keyboard shortcuts will be available in Google Drive on the web.

Yes, this means that before this update, certain commands were not available. The latest version of Google Drive delivers what everyone has been wanting for years: support for old keyboard shortcuts.

Now, you no longer need to undertake lengthy and arduous drag and drop to effectively save your data. Shortcuts for copying, cutting and pasting operate exactly like on your PC. For a few years now, Google has been disguising its aim to make its Workspace package a full-fledged rival to Office.

Google Drive
Google Drive Finally Gets A Shortcut To Copy And Paste Files 2022

This was notably proved this week with the implementation of a new function that enables you to modify your Docs files at lightning speed. But this is simply the tip of the iceberg, as proven by the release last year of offline mode for Drive which permits access to its data at any time.

However, Drive lacked a vital component to expect to become a true competitor to Office, or even to Windows: keyboard shortcuts. Indeed, to relocate its files, it was essential to undertake a protracted drag and drop until they were in the directories. Not very practical you would agree, and Google is certainly of the same mindset.

More On The Latest Google Drive Update

Today, you can use all your favorite keyboard shortcuts within Drive. Google Drive now enables you to utilize keyboard keys to browse. WWediscover of course the great classics CTRL+C, CTRL+V or even CTRL+X, to the point of asking why they were not yet featured in the program.

Google Drive
Google Drive Finally Gets A Shortcut To Copy And Paste Files 2022

For the occasion, we have outlined the important shortcuts that are appearing in Drive:

  • CTRL + C: copy a file
  • CTRL + X: cut a file
  • Paste a file via CTRL + V
  • CTRL + Shift + V:
  • CTRL + Shift + V: make a shortcut for a file
  • Open the specified file in a new tab via CTRL + Enter

Nothing groundbreaking then, but a modification that promises to speed up the workflow of individuals who use Google Drive regularly. Note, however, that these shortcuts only function with the Chrome browser.

Recently, Google has introduced a new upgrade that would display banners in Google Drive online storage to warn of questionable files. Earlier, a similar solution was offered for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings services.

Users who view a potentially risky or suspicious file in Google Drive will now see a warning banner; to help protect them against ransomware, phishing, and other malware.

Additionally, the banner will inform users that a suspicious file might be exploited to steal personal data. The business cautions that there is no user control over the functioning of the feature, it is enabled by default.

The distribution of the new functionality will take place in the next several days with only Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business account customers getting notifications. Access to the feature will surface in the following 15 days.

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