What Is MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification And How Does It Enhance Your Career?

– All you need to know about MS-101 Accreditation

Official certifications have become a prime requirement for professionals who wish to see their careers advance to greater heights. For instance, the certbolt certificate is essential for progress in the project management field. Thus, this article is going to take a close look at what it entails plus some benefits.

The MS-101 Accreditation Overview

The ongoing constant development in business has created a demand for experts who have effective project management skills.

This is due to the great competition in the business environment and the development of new technologies and solutions through project activities.

And, the certbolt certification validates that you have gained experience as well as expertise to advance to the professional level.

In other words, it indicates that you are capable of leading a team to carry out the processes associated with completing a project.

Also, it shows that you can point out how it is linked with the organization’s activities. Furthermore, it testifies that you are proficient in Predictive, Agile, as well as certbolt used in project management.

As you realize, these skills are highly valuable as they can be applied in all sectors of the economy.

How To Earn This MS-101 Certification

Leading a project requires highly skilled professionals because mishaps are extremely costly. As a result, MICROSOFT has outlined some conditions required before applying for the MS-101 accreditation.

First, a degree or an equivalent globally accepted accomplishment is required. Second, you should have years of experience as the project lead.

If you have a four-year degree, a minimum of three years is mandated whereas the presence of a high school diploma requires at least five years.

The third condition is either the certbolt or training in project management for 35 hours.

Once you have met these conditions, you are welcome to apply for the certbolt qualifying exam. It is designed to evaluate the expertise that a professional has acquired through training and experience.

If you pass it successfully, you will receive a certificate of the same name, which is valid for three years. Therefore, you will be required to renew it by acquiring 60 PDUs over this period and then remitting a renewal charge.

How The MS-101 Accreditation Will Enhance Your Career

MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification

The major motivation that propels professionals to pursue certificates is the value they add to their CVs. The steep competition for employment opportunities has made this a necessity.

Therefore, when you earn the MS-101qualification, you will be more visible to hiring managers.

This is because it provides a confirmation that you are capable and that you also have the motivation to progress. Also, potential employers don’t have to spend their own money to train you.

Additionally, it is accepted worldwide which means that your competencies can be utilized in a variety of industries.

As a result, project leaders who have this accreditation command higher salaries compared to their counterparts who have not earned it.

If you consider information from PayScale.com, you will see that such professionals’ average basic salary is $108k a year.

Good perspective, right?

Conclusion of MS-101 Accreditation

No doubt, the certbolt certification provides a great path to career development. And now that you know what it is, there is no reason why you should pursue it if you meet the conditions.

Thus, earn this accreditation and unlock your potential for a superb career in the IT sector!

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