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New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay

New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay
Refer and win!!!!!

We have got this up first and let’s just say the season is becoming more fun and interesting. Just after we made a post about Racksterly and how to earn over 60,000 by simply sharing paid advertisements on your Facebook timeline daily. Here is another interesting money making platform yet to be unveiled anytime soon. 

Introducing you to ⭕pay! The recent update of Opay comes loaded with a referral program, which lets existing user refer their friends into using Opay, and they get paid immediately for referring.
Update was on the 9th December 2019!!
New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay
Latest Update

Rules of REFERRING on ⭕pay:

Welcome to pay!
Please read the rules and conditions carefully before participating in this activity. If you participate in these activities, it means you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the rules of the activity.

Activity overview:
1. When users download the Opay app, users can get rewards from this app by referring friends and completing tasks.
2. At present, the tentative tasks are “refer friends to earn cash Fillin referral code DOX4YUK‘, “1st Top-up” and so on. After that, if add a new task, the details are shown on the activity page
3. To participate in this activity, users must register.

Rule of “Complete the tasks and get cashable cashback”:
1. After users download the Opay app and log in, they can receive the cashback reward after completing the platform task.
2. New user tasks include:”Fill in referral code DOX4YUK
“, “1st Top-up’etc. New users will be rewarded with NGN10 or 100 cashable cashback when they complete the tasks. For the same tasks, users can only participate once.
3. Cashable cashback are a kind of token. The cashable cashback earned by users every day will be audited by the platform and be deposited to the user’s account, and users can convert cashback to bonus or balance.

Rules of “Refer friends to earn cash”
1. After the user successfully refers a new user and a new user has successfully installed, registered and entered the appropriate referral code DOX4YUK, both the inviter and invitee will be rewarded with 10 cashback.
2. Invitees are defined as new users by the platform when they meet the following conditions: 1) Download the Opay app for the first time on a new device, 2) Users have never used Opay before.
3. Definition of successful referral: Within 7 days after the new user registers, the inviter’s referral code (DOX4YUK) is inputted and confirmed by the platform.
4. The referral code DOX4YUK is the independent identification number set up by the platform for each user. Invitees cannot fll in their own referral codes, the inviter should not fill in the referral code that has been established with other users.
5. A new user can only be invited once. The new user refers to a user whose mobile phone number, Opay account, terminal equipment and other information related to the user’s identity is similar or not true.

New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay
Earn N921,700

1.1 cashable cashback=1 bonus or 1 balance. When the cashback amount is less than 8000, cashback only can be converted to bonus. When the cashback amount is greater than or equal to 8000, cashback can be converted to balance.Everyone can convert up to 3000 amounts of cashback per day.
2. The application for cash withdrawal needs to be reviewed by the platform, and the review time generally takes 3 to 15 working days. Please be patient.
1. Users’ mobile phone number, Opay account, terminal equipment and other information related to the user’s identity information, If any one or more of them are identical, similar or not valid, the platform will cons ider it to be handled by the same user.
2. Banned users cannot participate in this activity.
3. If the platform finds that users have violated the principle of honesty, the platform has the right to take measures such as revocation of activity qualification and reward, restriction of withdrawal, and clearing of account funds. The platform also has the right to recover the cash withdrawn by the user. Violation of the principle of honesty by users includes but is not limited to: Users use illegal tools such as add-on and simulator to collect cashback or withdraw them; Use the same mobile device to repeatedly register multiple accounts, disturb the order of the platform and other improper means. The platform shall not make any compensation for the losses caused by the above behaviors.
4. If the activity is adjusted or canceled due to Irresistible factors, such as related policies, the platform shall have the right to modify or cancel the activity at any time without any legal liability.

5. During the activity, if users cannot participate in the activity or fail to participate due to improper operation of users or network
failure in users’ area and other reasons beyond the control of the platform, the platform shall not be liable for any legal liability.
6. The platform has the right to adjust and change the activity rules within the scope permitted by law. Related changes and adjustments will be posted on the activity rules page. Users who continue to participate are considered to agree with the adjusted or modified rules.

The End

Just as said at the beginning of the post, this referral contest is yet to kick off anytime soon as seen on the notification that pops up when you navigate to the refer option.
Image below:::

Here is my referral code: DOX4YUK copy and use as referral code!
Thank you❤️❤️

New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay
Refer and earn

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We shall be updating you on when the refer contest begins!

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New Update! Refer and earn upto N60, 000 on Opay
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